Michelle Evans, President & Art Director

A small package with big ideas. A designer, writer, programmer…creative entrepreneur.

Laying out local newspaper and TV Host magazine spreads in high school. Cutting teeth in print design and magazine publication after college. Michelle honed edges art directing  international catalog covers for the automotive industry. By 23, she was sole designer for Joe Amato Drag Racing, the only 7-time NHRA Top Fuel World Champion, where she designed fleet, retail and racing gear for team and fans.

Michelle multiplied those skills as ad agency Vice President for NY/NJ clientele from 1995-1999. Pioneering the agency’s website, search engine and multimedia programs at 25, and learning how to run the back-end of a business—while freelancing in her off hours.  Then full-time with Amazing Spaces by 29.

Expanding Horizons

Moving beyond design, she provided soup-to-nuts services that helped grow her clients’ companies as much as 600%. Getting up to a 25% response in direct mail (the norm is 1-3%), selected for publication by Pantone’s world color guru, and winning numerous awards along the way.

After 20+ years in advertising, in 2015 Michelle went back to her roots and opened an art studio in Allentown, PA  and online @ In 2017 she recreated Amazing Spaces to help build a better world through business. Focusing on conscious companies that believe in the same.

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On the Personal Side

Michelle is an active mom that cares deeply about our planet and everything and everyone that lives on it. She loves music, dancing, dogs, creating inspiring art…and doing things right. Making the world a better place. She teaches occasional art and fitness classes, lives a healthy lifestyle, is a follower of holistic medicine and recycles everything. An avid reader of epic fantasy and sci-fi, she can’t go a day without books or chocolate.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
—John Lennon