TSSA Self Storage Convention 2012

Our staff travels to San Antonio to learn and to share what’s new in the storage industry

Last week was the annual Texas Self Storage Association (TSSA) Convention and Trade Show, this year hosted in San Antonio. As longtime TSSA members, we at Amazing Spaces know the value of attending the TSSA Convention. This year we were able to send all of our managers and most of our corporate team to the convention. Having nine Amazing Spaces employees in attendance allowed us to divide and conquer among the many learning sessions the convention had to offer. Individually we chose to attend the learning sessions or round tables that we each felt would benefit us the most.  Of course there was overlapping with several of us choosing some of the same sessions, but this only allowed for some great collaboration and discussion afterward.
Our team is so professional and on point that each employee strives to truly make our company stand out within the self storage industry. We understand our customers’ point of view, that getting self storage isn’t the most exciting decision a consumer can make. Knowing that, we are extremely motivated to serve our customers and to make the renting process go smoothly and even enjoyably in whatever way we can. We believe this includes going to the TSSA Convention, learning from and sharing with others in the industry allows us to return to work with more to offer our customers. For example, we may gain a better understanding of a complex legal issue or discover new software that will get customers in and out faster or maybe there’s a new product to sell that would provide a much needed storage-related solution for our customers. The experience ultimately translates to benefiting our customers. Sometimes it’s the new information we get from the conference, sometimes it’s the satisfaction of knowing that our well-established practices and policies have set the bar high for others in the industry, either way, attending the TSSA Convention pays off tenfold.
Not only do we benefit on the professional side of our jobs, we also benefit on the personal side. The trip together allows us to see our co-workers in a new light. Attending the planned and unplanned social events allows our team to bond and get to know each other better.
Amazing Spaces is a great place to work and the people are a ball!
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We can’t wait until the 2013 TSSA Conference!

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