How to organize a small closet

We all have that one, small closet that we continuously put off organizing. Maybe it’s your shoe closet, your game/toy closet, or the worst of all, the closet in the corner of the basement! With fall upon us, now is the perfect time to get organized before the holidays and change of seasons. Here’s some helpful tips for organizing your tricky spaces that we couldn’t help but share!

Organizing a small closet | How to organize a small closet | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Not sure where to begin? Start by sorting…

When you’re trying to get organized, the key is to begin by sorting through all of your belongings and determining what things will stay and what things will go! Start by removing everything from the closet. Next, start sorting items into piles. One pile you will keep, another pile you may donate or sell, and an additional pile may make its way to your AMAZING storage space. We are happy to safely keep items you don’t have the room for at your home.

Next, create a strategy for how you plan to layout your newly organized space. The current “space saving” hardware and storage bins just aren’t cutting it, so, determine what new hardware or storage containers you will need to create a functional and organized space. Check out our tips below for creative ideas and tools that might work for you!

Tip #1) Add Lighting 

There’s nothing worse than searching for something without the proper lighting. There’s lots of tech savvy solutions to overcome this hurdle! Consider wireless LED lights that simply stick onto walls and ceilings. These vary from simple tap on/off to a wireless remote. Or, better yet, install an LED closet rod to maximize space and convenience.

Tip #2)  Utilize the top shelf

We often just ignore that shelf at the very top of the closet because we can’t see what’s up there! Instead, opt for better organization through using either shelf dividers or marked bins. Dividers keep items upright, while the marked bins are sure to keep your items categorized, contained and easily accessible.

Tip #3) Use hanging closet rods

These nifty additions don’t require any hardware and hang from your current rod, creating an entirely new row for your clothing or coats.

Tip #4) Maximize the door space

There’s lots of creative options to utilize the space inside of your small closet door. Whether it be corkboard for jewelry, pockets for small items like scarves and hats or a pocket shoe organizer, this space is one that often gets ignored but can be a storage life-saver.

Tip #5) Command™ hooks to the rescue

These small but mighty tools save your walls from unwanted nail holes and hold just about anything! Visit your local home store and browse the Command™ hook section, you’ll be amazed at the endless options for closet organization.

 Tip #6) Cubbies are your friend

Tired of the mounting pile of intermixed clothing and accessories in your bedroom closet? Using cubbies can help you stay organized whether you’re using it inside or outside the actual closet. Organized cubby space inside your room gains you more usable closet space! Better yet, use baskets or bins inside the cubbies to create an even more organized look.

Tip #7) Think outside the (mail)box…use a letter organizer

This is such a fun and creative idea! Use an acrylic letter organizer to store your clutches and wallets upright, preventing creasing and allowing for easy access. (TIP: Use cardboard tucked inside each clutch to help them hold their shape!)

Tip #8) Take things to the next level…add a mirror and paint the walls a lighter color

This one’s for your inner over-achiever. Adding a mirror to either the back of the closet or the inside of the door, helps create the illusion of a larger space. In addition, painting the walls a lighter and brighter color, also helps visually open up the space.


With these helpful tips, we hope your next closet organization project isn’t as daunting as you expected! Think beyond your closet space and implement these ideas for other problem/small areas in your house.  After all, a more organized and AMAZING living space saves you a whole lot of stress during your busy mornings. Happy organizing!


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