About Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Amazing Spaces is a family-owned and operated business. Our employees are professionally trained in all aspects of storage and customer service.

Amazing Spaces Storage Centers are beautifully designed, upscale stores that provide individuals and businesses with multi-faceted storage solutions. Our well-appointed properties take self storage to a new level of design and amenities with features that include enhanced security, and one-stop shopping convenience.

Our Amazing History

The founders of Amazing Spaces were relocating and needed a storage space for their belongings. They soon discovered many of the storage facilities in Houston to be poorly managed, neglected, and unclean. Much to their dismay, they ended up storing their belongings with relatives during their relocation.   This experience led the owners to develop a vision about an upscale storage center.  The owners envisioned a property with superior security, properly controlled climates, and an aura of excellence. Two years later, this vision became a reality when Amazing Spaces opened its doors for storage business in 1998!

Meet Our Team