10 Amazing Wine Accessories Every Wine Connoisseur Needs!

Red? White? Pink? All of the above as long as the bottle is cute? Wine seems to have this aura about it that can make any evening (or morning…no judgement) feel elevated and classy. Wine has this way about it that makes you feel like you are large and... Continue reading

How Long Can You Store Wine?

  Wine is a simple life pleasure that (admittedly) we’ve been enjoying a bit more during these uncertain times! Accumulating a personal collection of wine is the easy part, but what are the next steps in storing your supply? How long can you store wine? Whether you plan to... Continue reading

Our favorite wines for Christmas and the New Year!

Our favorite holiday wines and pairings: Allow us to make your holiday entertaining easy with our top 2, favorite wines, including red, white, and sparkling wine selections! Wondering what to serve with your festive holiday beverages? Don’t worry—we have some great pairing suggestions as well as helpful tips! Drumroll... Continue reading

Do You Know How To Properly Store Your Wine?

  Most people understand that when it comes to storing wine, there are certain guidelines that should be followed. Just as the act of opening and serving a special bottle of your favorite vintage carries with it a sense of ceremony, wine storage guidelines, if properly observed, will enhance... Continue reading

From the Winery to Your Door | Traveling with and Ordering Wine from a Winery

Is there anything more Amazing than visiting a winery? Picture a beautiful sun-filled day, completely with a stunning view, and three samples of the most delicious winery wines you’ve ever had.  I’ve been fortunate to visit a variety of wineries around the world.  Each with their own flavor and... Continue reading

The 8 Most Amazing Wine Of The Month Clubs

For those people interested in experimenting with extraordinary wine at a great price with many amazing benefits, joining a wine club might be perfect. It’s more popular today than ever and the choices are outstanding. However, it can seem overwhelming and each club offers different perks that might appeal... Continue reading

Amazing Facts You Never Knew About The History Of Wine

If you’re like most people, you think wine came into the world during the Roman heyday: Big barrels of grapes being stomped into a juice and magically becoming the beautiful Cabernet we all know and love. It might surprise you to know that the drink of choice of toga-clad... Continue reading

An Amazing History of Wine

  At Amazing Spaces, we love wine.  There is nothing like enjoying a nice glass of Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon at a party, business meeting, or just with your loved ones. Wine has that effect on people, it gathers everyone at any occasion. That’s why we decided to take... Continue reading

8 Wine Serving Tips to Step Up Your Wine Game

Having the perfect bottle of wine can seem somewhat difficult in this Houston weather.  Some days it’s too cold to safely store wine (let’s talk about last Thursday/Friday) and some days it’s too hot to properly store line (hello, this past week in the 70s).   Temperatures are just... Continue reading

Drink Wine Like a Pro!

From opening the bottle to taking the last sip, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to drink wine like a pro! 1. Serve your wine at the proper temperature – To get the best taste out of your wine, make sure you serve it at the ideal temperature. Red wines should be... Continue reading