Storage and Packing Tips

How to Make Your Move Amazing

At Amazing Spaces, we understand that moving can be one of life’s most stressful events. We’re here to help make your next move as amazing as posible.

  • Always use high-quality packing boxes designed especially for the storage job. Packing boxes and supplies can be purchased at all of our locations.
  • Always fill boxes to capacity; partially full boxes may tip or collapse. We recommend packing paper or peanuts moving supplies for this purpose when you use self storage.
  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes for easier lifting.
  • Use same size boxes for easy storage stacking.
  • Seal boxes completely with packing tape to keep boxes sturdy.
  • Label boxes on the top and on multiple sides for easy identification.
  • Unplug, clean, and defrost refrigerators completely before the move.
  • Put everything you possibly can in a box. We have storage boxes for every item such as pictures, lampshades, clothes, and electronics. Boxes make items easier to move and helps keep them clean.
  • To best prevent breakage while storing, protect electronics by using the original packaging whenever possible. If original packaging is not available, wrap the items in paper to keep out dust, then in bubble cushion wrap before placing in a box. If you’re using packing peanuts for electronics, use cornstarch peanuts with electronic. Cornstarch peanuts prevent static electricity which can damage electronics while in storage.
  • Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in packing paper, bubble cushion wrap, or a Pro-Pack system.
  • For appliances, wrap cords tightly, and duct tape them to the appliance. Store appliances upright against the wall, and consider removing refrigerator and freezer doors, for safety. Washer hoses and dryer vents should be removed and stored inside the appliance.
  • Antique furniture requires special protection. Make sure it’s properly wrapped, with bubble cushion wrap or blankets, to prevent scratching and other damage. Whether your furniture is antique or modern, though, a climate-controlled unit is the best place to store furniture.

Tips on Moving into Your Storage Unit

You may occasionally need to enter your storage space and find a particular item. Follow these tips to finding a stored item in your unit as easy as possible.
  • Make sure all your boxes are labeled on their sides and can be seen from the storage door.
  • By using plastic storage containers, you can easily and safely stack your storage items.
  • Store all couches (except sofa beds) on end to maximize storage space.
  • Protect mattresses and furniture with pads and covers and store on end.
  • Use shelving to maximize the height inside your storage space.
  • Store frequently used items near the door to your space.
  • Leave a center aisle for easier access to all stored items.
  • Use same size boxes for easy stacking and to maximize storage space.
  • Disassemble tables and shelves and store them on their sides. Wrap and mark all pieces for easier reassembly.
  • Stack chairs seat to seat with cloth or paper to separate them. Before storing, remove as many cushions as possible.
  • Never store mirrors or pictures horizontally. Always wrap these items with paper pads or use mirror boxes.
  • Clean refrigerators and freezers and leave doors slightly ajar. Use the space inside for more storage space
  • Use all empty spaces inside furniture for additional storage. This will help the furniture become more stable.

Don’t feel like packing or moving your items by yourself? Check out our moving partners.