Auto, Boat, & RV Storage

Amazing Spaces offers premium storage options for your boat, RV, or vehicle.

Amazing Spaces RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage Features

Amazing Spaces® offers premium auto, boat, and RV storage solutions for owners of all types and sizes of recreational vehicles. During times when your RV, boat, camper or trailer is not in use, you can rest easy knowing remains protected and secured at an Amazing Spaces property.

Expansive Inventory of Large Storage Unit Sizes

Amazing Spaces RV, vehicle, and boat storage spaces accommodate every size vehicle on the road today. In addition to the traditional 10×30 enclosed storage space, Amazing Spaces Champions ~ Vintage Park property features specialty spaces for RV and boat storage. Learn more about each of our specialty extra-large storage units.

Monitored Alarms with After Hours Protection

Amazing Spaces enclosed storage spaces feature a tamper-proof alarms watched by a professional security team. These security alarms are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are located inside the space itself. Amazing Spaces also oversees all activity at the space; every time a door is opened and closed is recorded and available for review. These measures ensure your RV, boat, or vehicle remain protected day-in and day-out.

Secured Property Access

Access to Amazing Spaces properties is limited to authorized clients and team members. Anyone touring or visiting the property must first provide identification and receive permission before proceeding to the storage area. Amazing Spaces limited access gates protects each property between 11PM and 5AM daily. During these secured hours, the gates prevent anyone from accessing the property. Any activity during this time will trigger a call to the authorities. This precaution adds additional protection to all indoor RV and boat storage units and exterior parking spaces.

Digitally Recording Security Cameras

Each Amazing Spaces property is covered with security cameras, offering additional surveillance and protection to every space. The footage is digitally stored allowing a review of historical activity. Take a tour of a property and see the many interior and exterior cameras protecting the property.

Unparalleled Amenities

Every rental at Amazing Spaces includes a variety of unbeatable amenities. Learn more about what is included with your self-storage rental and how we go above and beyond to create a remarkable storage experience.

Convenient property features

Amazing Spaces properties are designed to offer maximum storage convenience. Each property is 18-wheeler accessible and allows for easy maneuvering of even the largest recreational vehicles. All enclosed storage spaces at Amazing Spaces are insulated and feature painted and sealed floors, to help keep all contents clean and cut down on moisture. This is an especially important feature to consider when storing an RV, as they are particularly sensitive to changes in the weather.

Amazing Spaces Champions ~ Vintage Park offers premium amenities for all RV owners, including fully enclosed boat and RV storage units, which handily offers protection against the elements. In additional to the traditional amenities offered at all Amazing Spaces, this location features specialty services, such as:

  • Electric outlets in all RV and boat spaces to aid in maintaining battery charge
  • 11 ft. wide by 14 ft. high doors to accommodate even the largest RV
  • 55 ft. driveways for easy maneuvering
  • Convenient onsite dump station
  • Sparkling clean wash area

Here to Help

Our team stands as our most important amazing difference. As experts in self-storage, any member of our team may help you find the perfect size storage space for your boat, RV, vehicle, or trailer. At Amazing Spaces, it is our mission to provide you with the most remarkable self storage experience possible. We hope to be an extension of your home; a place you enjoy visiting and trust knowing your belongings are secured in the best storage environment.

How do you store an RV or boat?

Storing a large recreational vehicle, such as a boat, RV, or even wheeled trailer can be a challenge. Best practices for storing such vehicles ultimately depend on the duration you plan to store them. If you plan to store for several months to years, it is important to properly prep your recreational vehicle, just as you would a car. Regardless of the duration of your stay, you want to make sure your vehicle will operate without a hitch during its next use. This is why Amazing Spaces specialty RV storage units feature electrical outlets to help maintain the battery charge. Amazing Spaces has a variety of storage options for your RV, boat, or vehicle, including extra-large enclosed spaces to secure parking spots. We’re here to help you find the best space for your needs.

What storage options do you have available for large recreational vehicles, boats, and RVs?

Boats, RVs, and trailers come in all shapes and sizes these days. Regardless of the size of your recreational vehicle, you’re bound to find your perfect space amid Amazing Spaces comprehensive inventory of storage sizes. Amazing Spaces standard vehicle storage sizes start at approximately 20 feet long and range up to approximately 40 feet. The doors to these spaces are the industry standard approximately 10 feet wide, with variations depending on the property.

Amazing Spaces Spring, TX storage property on Louetta Rd offers specialty RV storage size options, including a superior 80 foot drive-through RV enclosed space. These specialty spaces feature extra wide 13 foot openings and extra tall 14 foot roll up doors. This particular storage facility also features storage parking spaces as an option for recreational vehicles. Vehicles stored one of these exterior parking spots are secured on Amazing Spaces property with limited access gates and security cameras. These spaces are a popular RV storage option for those who don’t want the added expense of an enclosed unit.

To make your search for storage as easy as possible, we created a convenient online storage calculator. Of course, a member of our team would also be happy to assist you in your search for a perfect storage space. Contact us today.

How can I find the closest Amazing Spaces RV and boat storage near me?

Amazing Spaces offers self storage services at five amazing locations in Houston, Spring, and Magnolia, and The Woodland areas.  Enter your zip code to find a storage property near you. Keep in mind that storage options and amenities do vary by location. Give any of our locations a call and we’ll help you find the best location for your unique needs.

The storage space I want is unavailable. Do you have a waiting list?

Of course! Contact a member of our team and we’ll put you on a waiting list. Of course, we’d also be happy to help you find a different space that would fit your needs in the interim.

How much does Amazing Spaces boat and RV storage cost?

Storage unit prices vary depending on the Amazing Spaces location and the size of the unit. However, you can view the latest prices and available move-in specials on our website.

Does Amazing Spaces require any documentation for storing a boat or RV?

Amazing Spaces follows guidelines set in place by the Texas Self Storage Association (TSSA). Per the terms of the TSSA lease agreement, clients must provide proof of insurance for any vehicles stored on property.