Secure Storage Units

Guarding and protecting your belongings

Your items are our priority. Learn more about Amazing Spaces security features and how we protect your belongings.

Amazing Storage Security Features

Whether you plan to visit your storage unit every day or every year, we never stop protecting your belongings. The security measures at each of our properties render a reliable storage experience you can trust throughout the duration of your stay.  It’s no wonder Amazing Spaces clients tend to stay in their spaces for more than double the industry average!

Amazing Spaces integrates the highest industry security standards into our property operations. As veteran operators in the self-storage industry, we’ve spent over 20 years smoothing our already well-oiled operations. While some elements are out of our control, we’ve made sure to take every possible measure to provide you with a clean, secure, and reliable self-storage environment.

24/7 Monitored Security Alarms on Every Unit

Amazing Spaces enclosed storage spaces features a tamper-proof alarm monitored 24/7 by a professional security team. Each security door alarm is located inside the unit, preventing any unwanted tampering from the unit’s exteriors. The alarms will activate any time a space is opened without deactivating the alarm at our limited access gates. Amazing Spaces computerized alarm system monitors and archives all activity within the property, including: every gate entry and exit, as well as each individual storage door opening and closing.

Should an alarm be triggered, the authorities will be called and dispatched to the property, regardless of the time of day. This is a unique benefit Amazing Spaces storage facilities offers; as many alarms on are not monitored. Having spaces monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a professional team is what takes our system from “great security” to “AMAZING security”.

24/7 Digital Video Surveillance Camera System

Amazing Spaces properties are covered with security cameras, offering additional surveillance and protection to every space. The security footage is digitally stored, to allow review of historical activity. Take a tour of a property and see the many interior and exterior cameras protecting the property, hallways, and spaces.

Password Protected and Limited Access Security Gates

Access to Amazing Spaces state of the art properties is limited to authorized clients and team members. Anyone touring or visiting the property must first provide identification and receive permission before proceeding to the storage area. Clients and team members may visit the property during property access hours using a custom passcode to open the gate and operate any elevators. When the passcode is correctly entered, the gate will open and the alarm on the client’s space will be deactivated.

Clients renting spaces at a multi-level Amazing Spaces property will only be given access to the floor in which their unit is located. Upon exiting the property, clients will enter in their passcode once again to open the exit gate and rearm their storage unit alarm.

Amazing Spaces limited gated access protects each property between 11PM and 6AM daily. During these secured hours, the access control systems at each property prevents anyone from accessing the property. While the property is in this locked down state, any activity will trigger a call to the authorities. Amazing Spaces also maintains a record of all property activity; every time a door is opened and closed is recorded and available for review.

Premium Locking Mechanisms

Amazing Spaces secures its spaces with premium locking mechanisms to further protect your space. Amazing Spaces cylinder locks are secured into the unit, preventing anyone from cutting the lock. Such locks set the industry standard in protecting self storage units, as they are extremely difficult to cut. Should a client lose their keys to their lock, an Amazing Spaces team member and / or locksmith will be required to provide assistance.

A lock is included with each rental and clients may place one (1) additional lock on their space. Amazing Spaces retail centers have additional locks for sale. These locks are selected for their durability and reliability in protecting your space.

Automatic Lighting System & Motion Sensors

Amazing Spaces automatic lighting system and motion detectors kick on any time someone enters a hallway. Each property is designed to be well-light inside and out, so every client feels secure in their surroundings. The motion activation system complements our security initiatives, as the lights improve the accuracy of the security cameras throughout the property.

Pest Controlling and Prevention

They may not be the typical invader considered when searching for a secure storage space, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention them. Your items are our priority; we work hard to protect them in every possible manner. To ensure your items stay protected, we perform pest services on each property a minimum of once per month. Our expert pest control technician is capable of providing same-day service, should we ever need it.

Team Member Security Practices

When we say your items are our priority, we mean it. If you visit one of our secure self storage facilities, you may notice our team members performing security rounds and property checks throughout the day.

It’s our mission to ensure each property remains safe and secure at all times. That’s why we take the extra step to make sure we are aware of all activities on property. Our team members are proud to provide this extra level of security and service to their clients.

Intercom communication systems are also in place in each hallway on property. Assistance from our team is just a button away!

Insurance Coverage for Your Unit

While we’re industry leaders in creating a trustworthy storage environment, we cannot predict the future. That’s why we require every client to have insurance on their belongings.

If you do not have homeowners insurance, we offer an affordable Client Protection Plan option. Please read more about the details of our Client Protection Plan. We believe this is a vital measure to give you peace of mind and protection throughout your stay.