Industrial Foam Packing Peanuts – 15 Cubic Ft Bag


Sold by volume, our Industrial Foam Packing Peanuts are lightweight, anti-static interlocking packing peanuts. Interlocking mechanism and anti-static coating help the peanuts stay in position, keeping your items protected for moving or shipping. Fill a box with packing peanuts to prevent items from shifting when moving or shipping.

To maximize protection, fill the box partially with packing peanuts, placing your item on top of the protective layer of packing peanuts. Once the item has been added to the box, fully cover the item with additional packing peanuts. This allows the peanuts to completely surround and protect your item(s). If you have especially fragile or important items, consider wrapping the product with our Shrink Wrap before inserting it into the box and topping with packing peanuts. Ideal for protecting delicate objects, such as glassware, dishes, travel mementos, collectibles, and ceramics. The interlocking peanuts are designed to fill extra spaces inside boxes to keep fragile items in place during a move, shipment, or even storage!

  • 15 cubic ft.


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