Amazing 2019 home design trends!

2019 Home Design Trends | Amazing 2019 home design trends! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Whether you’re looking to update your current home, or you are building your dream home, the ever changing design world is often a challenge to keep up with! Wondering what’s in, and what’s out for 2019? We’ve gathered the top finds:

IN for 2019:

  • Convertible and multifunctional furnishings—With majority of young people living within the city limits and the older generation downsizing their homes, convertible dwellings are becoming more and more popular. If you’re a young person living in the city, a futon that doubles as a couch and bed is a practical and more stylish choice. Similarly, grandparents are opting for murphy beds that hideaway into the wall and conveniently roll out for family visits!
  • Floral fabrics and wallpapers—The floral fabrics and wallpapers are no longer just a staple at your grandma’s house. They’re making a comeback! It’s all about choosing the right floral that compliments your space. These are especially popular in powder rooms and bedrooms.
  • Rich jewel tones and bold color—Neutrals are a thing of the past, with bold colors making strong statements in home design. Indigo, hunter green and dark teal create a warm and welcoming space, while also accenting beautifully with a crisp white backdrop. Whether you’re painting all four walls or accenting, be sure to include these tones for a “pop” of color.
  • Bold and patterned kitchen backsplashes—White subway tile is out and bold, patterned design is in! Make a statement with a new kitchen backsplash.
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable—It’s no surprise that folks are opting for more handmade pieces of furniture and décor that help minimize their environmental footprint, while also helping create a relaxing atmosphere symbolic of oneness with the earth.
  • “Boho” vibe—This classic style is getting a modern twist in 2019, with curved lines, lots of layering and patterned fabrics. Did you know that it’s even common to layer rugs, now? Designers are layering various colors, patterns and textures.
  • Light wood floors—This may come as a surprise, since dark wood floors have dominated the design space for so long. However, designers are finding that light wood floors are more conducive to the open and airy feel that homeowners are longing for!

OUT in 2019:

  • Cooler gray tone neutrals—2018 has been the age of “gray”, from kitchen cabinets, to bed spreads, to couches…it seems to have saturated the market. As a result, people are looking for more, bold color in 2019.
  • Accent walls—It’s time to re-paint the living room because accent walls are now a thing of the past. Uniformity wins the ticket and creates a more inviting space.
  • Cherry cabinets—The once popular cherry cabinets have been replaced by the ever popular white, deep blues, gray, and black. Perhaps thanks to HGTV?
  • Rose gold—While rose gold was deeply loved by many, it has simply held on too long, it’s time to bid it farewell whether it be on your wrist or in your living room.
  • Succulents—From succulent store fronts to popular classes, there was truly a “wave” of popularity in 2018. However, it was short-lived and designers are more welcoming of regular house plants, than succulents, these days.

While it’s fun and exciting to keep up with the ever changing and evolving design world—it’s even more enticing to embrace your own personal style. Whether you love cheetah print, collecting items from your trip(s) around the world, or your great grandma’s lamps…incorporate those into your home and create your own, unique style. This is what bridges the gap between a house and a home. Make it AMAZING and make it, uniquely yours.








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