Spring Solstice is here: Get a jump start on spring cleaning!

Jump start spring cleaning fb | Spring Solstice is here: Get a jump start on spring cleaning! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Whether you have an entire weekend to devote to it or just 15 minutes a day, these practical tips will help you make daily, small improvements to get you closer to your goal of a clean and organized living space!

  • Start with your door mats—Door mats are truly a catch all for dirt and dust. Be sure to vacuum them regularly, (both sides!) and to cut down on dirt tracked into the house, place a mat outside your door AND inside your door! There’s no shame in doubling down, plus, the layered look is trending now so don’t be afraid to incorporate multiple rugs stacked on top of each other.
  • Wash those windows—One of the most common (and dreaded) spring cleaning tasks, is washing those windows! Step 1: Use a damp cloth to wipe the windowsills to remove dirt. This avoids a flood of dirt and grime when the water from washing the windows collects the dust sitting on the sill. Step 2: Choose an overcast day to wash your windows!  The heat from the sun will cause your cleaner to dry before you can finish, causing major streaks! Step 3: Take it one room and one window at a time and don’t forget to also clean the blinds and curtains (toss those curtains in an air only cycle for 15 mins to get rid of wrinkles!) Something as simple as using a microfiber cloth on the blinds is sure to do the trick! Tip: Using a feather duster only spreads the dust around, rather than eliminating it! Wondering how to reach those high windows? Check out THIS telescopic window cleaning tool!
  • Kitchen cabinets and counters—Two areas that catch the brunt of the action deserve some TLC at leas once a year! Cabinets: Wipe your cabinets clean and leave them refreshed with THIS kitchen cabinet cream. Not only does it fight through stains but it also conditions the cabinets preventing drying and cracking! Counters: Weiman Granite and Stone cleaner will leave your stone countertop sparkling clean. Remove all items from the counter and wipe thoroughly to remove any loose food or dust. Then, apply the cleaner and follow the steps on the bottle.
  •  Clean your dishwasher—This may be one of the last places you think to clean, but, often times food gets stuck around your dishwasher’s filter, which might make it smell. So about once a month, you should remove the filter, rinse it thoroughly, then run a cycle with a machine cleaner.
  • Clean out bathroom mold and mildew—Can you think of the one single place in your bathroom that could be holding lots of bacteria and even growing mildew on a daily basis? If you guessed your shower curtain or liner, you’re correct! Both trap water and build up mildew over time. Be sure to toss them into the washer (on a gentle cycle) and hang to dry! For ongoing prevention, use a spray bottle filled with a bleach/all purpose cleaner and spritz the liner before entering the shower a few times a week! The water from your shower will naturally rinse it clean and destroy anything before it can start growing.
  • Move that furniture—How often do you move your furniture and remove cushions to vacumn under and behind items? You’d be amazed at what you’ll find in your couch or living under your TV stand! Take this opportunity to move room by room and pull furniture out and get those dust bunnies vacuumed up—your allergies will thank you later!
  • Look UP—Ceilings and light fixtures often go un-noticed, but, spring is the time to dust or vacuum away the cob webs ad dust that’s accumulating in the ceiling corners or hanging on light fixtures. Use a step stool to safely clean these areas and also give yourself a birds-eye view of the areas you have missed in the past!
  • Your Vacuum—Does your vacuum need some TLC? We often forget to clean the tools that we use to clean! Vacuum filters and bags should be washed and/or replaced on a regular basis. You’ll be amazed at how much more efficient your vacuum is after a good cleaning! Set a reminder on your calendar to do this at least once a month.


These are just a few of our favorite tips to help get you in the *spring cleaning* spirit! You may also be interested in learning about some things you’re (likely) doing on a daily basis that are actually making your house dirtier!

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