Best Home Renovation Projects for the Money

Best Home Renovation Projects for the Money

Are you looking to update some spaces in your home and make them even more amazing? Chances are, you not only want to add curb appeal, but, you are also looking for a renovation project that produces a decent return on investment! Well, look no further, because we have compiled the top 4 renovation projects that truly pay off.

These projects provide the maximum benefits for your money, but before you tackle them, be sure to consider is your homeowners’ association rules and regulations. Some homeowners’ associations require certain stipulations on what you can and cannot do while remodeling.

Bathroom remodel—The verdict is in and bathroom remodels recoup between 75-100% return at resale! The greater the project, the larger the return. Whether you’re considering a full bathroom gut, or some cosmetic improvements, here’s some key pointers to guide you through the process! Base your new design on functionality. If you’re changing your footprint, determine what is most important to you and practical for the number of people using the bathroom and some of your preferences. Small improvements can make all the difference. If you are operating on a smaller budget, consider all of your low cost, high impact options such as a new vanity/sink, updating the mirror, new hardware, or even something as simple as fresh, colorful towels can make all the difference!

Backyard patio or deck—You’ve probably been talking about it for years, but, it’s time to make your backyard into an oasis! There’s nothing like sitting outside in the evening (once the Texas heat cools off) and enjoying the outdoors and time with family. Make a space that you feel comfortable in and that’s an extension of your home, almost like another “room.” Start by creating a main focal point like a fire pit. Then build out from there with outdoor rugs, seating and pillows. Check out this super easy tutorial on how to build your own fire pit! Don’t forget the lights—they create the perfect ambiance!

Updated front entry door—You can truly change the entire look of your home with something as simple as an updated front entry door! Whether your budget allows for a brand new door or just a fresh coat of paint, the impact will be unmistakable! If you’re going for a more contemporary look consider a steel atrium door with privacy glass, or, if you’re comfort level is with a traditional look, opt for a craftsmen style wooden front door with windows. Check out THIS article for some front door inspiration!

Minor kitchen remodel—The ultimate gathering place of a home is the kitchen! Making it inviting and accommodating is step 1 in any update! Whether you’re simply rearranging furniture and switching out hardware, or, undergoing a full-blown demolition and redesign you always want to make the space usable! Convert empty and unused counter space into a functional spot, introduce hide-away bar stools for additional seating when you’re entertaining, add a colorful backsplash, or introduce floating shelves for extra storage and design. These are only a few ideas in the vast array of inspiration out there! Above all, be sure to design the space around what’s most practical and functional for you each day!

Renovation projects are not for the faint of heart, but, just remember how much value you’re adding to your home with just your sweat equity alone! So, pour a big glass of lemonade, crank some tunes, and get to work—you won’t regret making your home even more amazing!

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