How to Create an Outdoor Oasis

Now is the time to start designing that outdoor oasis you’ve always envisioned! With travel being limited, you now have the time to spend most of your weekends at home. So, why not make the ultimate staycation space right in your own back yard?! Whether it’s your deck, patio, pool area or sunroom—here’s some practical ideas to freshen up your space without breaking the bank!

Amaze-ify Oasis Idea #1: Add Some Colorful Outdoor Throw Pillows

There’s no need to get new furniture when you can spruce up what you already have! Shop THESE AMAZING outdoor pillows from Target and choose your style that best fits your space! Now is the time to choose something colorful and fun to accent your outdoor area!

Amaze-ify Oasis Idea #2: Update with Small Furniture Additions

There’s plenty of small accent décor that can make a BIG difference! We also love to introduce pieces that are not only stylish but practical. Garden stools are practical because they can be used as a small table, foot rest, or even additional seating in a pinch. The best part? You can move them indoors for the cooler months and keep utilizing them in your indoor living space! They are especially great options for master bathrooms or powder rooms.

Amaze-ify Oasis Idea #3: Add or Update Outdoor Seating

There are plenty of options when it comes to outdoor seating, and the reality is…you can always use extra chairs when entertaining! So, why not select an option that can be stored away while not in use, and easily setup when needed?! We love these (super adorable) sling back fabric chairs! Speaking of seating? You deserve the best seat in the house in your new outdoor space. How about this two-person hammock? Grab a good book, lemonade and you have the perfect afternoon!

Amaze-ify Oasis Idea #4: Add a Decorative Umbrella

Umbrellas provide shade from the hot Texas sun, but, also can add a splash of color to your space! If you already have an existing table, rather than replacing the table, just simply switch out the umbrella! There’s lots of options online, this one is affordable and has a lot of colors to choose from.

Amaze-ify Oasis Idea #5: Look Out Below!

Has your deck seen better days? Don’t worry, we’re not proposing a new deck, instead, select the perfect outdoor area rug! This not only creates a cozy spot for those summer bare feet, but also covers up imperfections!

Amaze-ify Oasis Idea #6: Light It Up

Outdoor bistro lights put the finishing touches on your outdoor oasis and set the mood! Enjoy nights outside with all the right ambiance. There’s a few options to research before selecting your outdoor lighting, so be sure to look into what is best for you! Whether it be LED, weatherproof, dimmable, or solar powered, there’s something for everyone!

Amaze-ify Oasis Idea #7: Add Some Green and Maybe a Pop of Color

Adding plants to your exterior will add that perfect calming touch to your space. Plants are an easy addition to any outdoor space, regardless of size. Check out nearby nurseries and support a local business while you’re at it!

Amaze-ify Oasis Idea #8: Incorporate Sound 

One of the best ways to turn your backyard oasis into a true paradise is by incorporating sound elements. Fountains can range in both size and prices, but can bring together your entire yard. Add a soothing waterfall to turn your backyard into a zen like paradise.

Cheers to making your outdoor space into the amazing oasis you deserve!

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