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Home Staging Tips

Home staging is the art of decorating that will display your home’s best features, impress potential clients, and help you make a sale at the best possible price. Preparing your home for sale is crucial. Therefore, knowing the right staging strategies is extremely important. The following are home staging tips that can help you make a profitable sale.

Curb Appeal

Maximize on this crucial element. It’s what draws people inside. Start by trimming the bushes neatly, have your lawn weeded, and your beds mulched. This will create that ever important first impression. Apply a fresh coat of paint on your front door too while installing new house numbers and mailboxes. These are relatively cheap renovations. You could also add a seasonal urn by the front door to liven up the concrete steps.


Home Staging Houston

Piles of crumbs, films of grease, or splattered spaghetti sauce are just not a good show. Similarly, ensure that your bathroom is sparkling in all corners especially those you think are not visible. Your aim is to m

ake your house look as close to new as possible.

Select a neutral color palette

Bold colors make for a great living experience. However, they are not ideal when making a home sale. Bright and light should be the mantra. Opt for warm, neutral palette like taupe, gray, and tans. Do not use dark colors, particularly in small rooms such as the powder room. Retain the white ceiling as it helps the walls look tall. It’s also time you painted the walls if it has been over two years since the last paint job.


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Clutter will distract the buyer’s attention from your house’s essential aspects. Also, it may make your home seem like it does not have enough storage space. Hence, put it away. Do not use the closet as buyers will be interested in checking out your closet space. Look for a storage facility near you to help remove any extra items. 

Incorporate lights

Lighting is often, an overlooked aspect when preparing a house for sale. You need to address dark basements, hallways, and rooms with little to no natural light. A 2-bulb overhead fixture with maximum wattage is what you’ll need to transform a dark room. Also, you shouldn’t have an overhead receptacle without a light fixture. You can also choose to add pendant fixtures in the dining room.


It is always going to cost you less to add new flooring or replace the old carpet than to leave it to the new homeowners. Buyers are always looking for a reason to bargain. Remember the floor is among the most noticeable aspects of your home. If they feel they’ll need to replace it, they will discount their offer for far more than you’d have used to replace it yourself.

dog 3295799 640 | Quick & Easy Tips For Home Staging In Houston | Amazing Spaces Storage CentersEliminate Odors

Last night’s dinner, kids, pets, moist bathrooms, and other factors may give your home an odor. Chances are you are insusceptible to your home’s smells, so you might need a neighbor or friend to help you with this one. Some inexpensive hacks you could employ to rid your house of odors includes burning vanilla-scented candles or baking cinnamon-coated apples. Also, you might need to grind a lemon in the garbage disposal to eliminate sink smells. While spraying to deodorize the house seems like a good idea, it may give your home a cheap, institutional bathroom smell — an image that you do not want to give off. Of course, do not smoke inside the house and take out the trash.


Ensure that furniture fits the room appropriately and do not clutter the room with unnecessary items. However, lack of or too little furniture will make the room feel cold. The good thing is that you do not need to invest in new furniture; you can rent it. The goal is to have furniture that looks expensive, nice, new, and inviting. Also, arrange it in a way that makes the room to feel spacious and homely. For instance, set the seating in the living room in a way that it surrounds the fireplace.

Define the Rooms

Ensure that the space within every room has a purpose so the buyers can see how they can maximize the house’s square footage. A finished attic can be an office, and a basement can be an entertainment room. Your goal is to make each inch of the house look usable.


Staged houses tend to sell faster than those that are not staged as people perceive well-decorated home to be more valuable than those that are not. Use these tips to make your home more desirable.

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