17 Ways To Make A Fantastic Impression When Home Staging


Selling your home can be a challenge. Prospective buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in their new home. Beyond the emotional connection you want prospective buyers to make, research shows that well-staged homes sell quicker and for more money than homes that have not been appropriately modeled. So if you’re selling your home, where should you begin? Here are 17 ways to make a fantastic impression when staging your home:

17 Home Staging Tips

home staging

Remove your belongings

Since buyers will want to personalize their new home, removing your belongings will allow their imagination to roam free. Since you’re planning to move out of the home anyway, get a head start on the process by packing up your personal things and storing them or bring them to your new place. Be sure to label each box for ease of transferring your belongings in the future.

Update or upgrade curb appeal

First impressions are very important, and the first thing people see when they visit your home is the outside. Hire a landscaper to improve the overall feel of your front lawn and entrance way. If the siding on your house has lost its luster, consider a paint job or a deep cleaning of the siding and windows. For homes with a front porch, add some inviting furniture. A friendly, bright-colored door can also be a welcoming sign.

home stagingDeep clean inside

Rent a professional vacuuming machine for carpets, or hire a cleaning company to scrub and vacuum every surface inside. While your nose will no longer notice bad odors in your own home, visitors will pick up on any unusual smells you may no longer notice. Avoid that by giving the inside a deep clean.

Keep things neutral

Make sure your home is neat, clean and neutral. Things like the wall color, carpet color, and furniture distract buyers. While they’ll be able to paint, re-floor, and move their own belongings in, it’s easier for buyers to consider the key selling points of the home when there’s less to distract them.

Bring the outside in

Add some fresh herbs to the kitchen and have some fresh flowers on the kitchen table. These little touches of greenery can make for a pleasant environment. And it feels less like a showroom and more like a real home prospective buyers can picture themselves in.

Arrange the furniture for walkability

Separate yourself from how you use the rooms and move your furniture around for the best walkability. When prospective buyers look through the home, they’ll love the way they can waltz through the rooms. Pro tip: consider using rental furniture for staging.

Open the closet

Make the room feel bigger, and you can use the space in your closet for strategic staging. Add a few interesting pieces and make the closet into its own art piece. Buyers will enjoy the visual appeal, especially if it makes the closet feel more spacious.

home stagingToys belong in the toy box

If you’re living at the home while its listed, you need to keep things as tidy as possible. This means making sure things like toys are put away. A dollhouse or a large stuffed animal on the floor is fine, but a minefield of Legos is not okay. Make sure everything is put in its place.

Show people the value in extra rooms

You may use your spare room for your dogs to sleep in and little else, but that’s not exactly an exciting selling feature. Set up a home office or stage a beautiful guest room if your spare room is hardly used. Make the space as magical as possible with visually stimulating pieces and plenty of room to stretch your legs.

Refresh your bathrooms before each showing

Empty toilet paper rolls, wet towels, and old soap can turn people off. Inspect your bathroom before your house is shown and replace any items that look old. And be sure to do a quick clean of all bathroom surfaces and drains. Don’t forget to make sure the toilet is clean and clear, too.

Lead the tour

Use your refreshed interior to create an inviting, exciting experience that encourages buyers to explore. Add pops of color with inexpensive artwork, place unique items on shelves or use rugs to draw the eye into the next room.

Use seasonal touches

When staging your home near a major holiday, make sure your home has a festive touch with some holiday decor. You don’t have to do much. Some themed place settings and a few small touches are all it takes.

home stagingLighting is important

Whether its natural light or well-placed lamps, don’t overlook the importance of lighting. For daytime showings, keep the blinds up and the windows clean. At night, set the mood with lamps and ample lighting, depending on the room.

Remove family pets

Not only will cats and dogs impact odor, they can also have negative consequences for those with allergies or phobias. Make sure your pet is out of sight, out of smell, and out of mind.

Keep surfaces clear

Although the toaster, blender and some pots and pans may be used daily at home, buyers don’t want to see these things cluttering your countertops. Place any small appliances in the pantry or cabinets, and make sure the counters are crumb-free.

Consider new appliances

If your appliances are outdated and show signs of significant wear, consider replacing them with new ones. You don’t need the latest and greatest. But clean and contemporary kitchen appliances, a new washer and dryer, and an updated thermostat can go a long way.

home stagingPop some cookies in the oven

You don’t need to be a baker to make your home smell as warm and delicious as a bakery. Simply grab some take-and-bake cookie dough and pop it in the oven before a showing. Your home will smell heavenly and memorable.

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