How to prepare your home for the holidays

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Preparing your home for the holidays can be extremely difficult, especially during this hectic time of year.   The hustle and bustle of Christmas time can make anyone who is not organized run down. One reason why it is so difficult to organize is because the holidays are a busy time. It’s difficult to find time in your hectic schedule to clean or organize your home. But, don’t worry, as with some simple steps, you can have that magazine-quality holiday look, even if you don’t have much time to do it.

Create extra space

Prepare Home Holiday 4 | How to prepare your home for the holidays | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers
Clear your home of clutter and trinkets. Even if you put things away for the time being, it will allow your guests more space to make themselves at home. Remove appliances from the counter that aren’t often used, store away bath products, and sort laundry. A great way to organize toys is by using wicker or soft, fabric oversized bins like this. Storage is another great option for those looking to clear out some space for the holidays. We recommend a 5×5 locker (as shown on the right) or a 5×5 standard size space. Both of these will offer approximately a closet-sized solution for you to store any odds and ends. Feel free to contact us and share what you plan to store, so we can find the most amazing space for you.


Once you know how to prepare a home for the holidays, you need to learn how to decorate your home for your guests. If you have never decorated before, you may want to enlist the help of a friend or family member who knows how to get your house looking festive. Many people make their Christmas decorating ideas into works of art by adding garlands, ribbons, tinsel, and many other holiday themed items. Before you start decorating though, you need to be organized so that you will not end up with clutter everywhere.

Use what you have

One important thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to spend a fortune decorating your home for the holidays. There are many simple and inexpensive ways to spruce up the look of your home without spending too much money.

Prepare Home Holiday 3 | How to prepare your home for the holidays | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers
  • Rather than purchasing new decorations to fill that void on your mantle or sideboard, utilize what you already have! Here’s some nifty ideas:If you have (empty or full) liquor or wine bottles laying around, decorate with them in your dining area. They are all truly unique and beautiful with their designs, textures, and colors. Arrange them on a decorative tray or display them on your furniture in front of a mirror to add depth.
  • Utilize vintage pitchers, filled with leaves, greenery, or flowers to add height and to fill empty spaces.
  • Have an array of glass vases you’re not sure what to do with? Fill them with water and float fresh cranberries on top, with a floating candle. Better yet, fill the neck of the vase with fresh evergreens to add more color and texture.
  • Add fur throws or pillows from around the house to create warmth in the living space. Drape them across the couch or the ottoman, with an accompanying serving tray lined with candles.

Clean and sanitize

Ensure carpets are cleaned and freshly vacuumed, clean windows, scrub bathroom showers/tubs to remove any pesky mildew, disinfect your kitchen sink, remove dated food from the fridge and wipe shelves with a sanitizing wipe, ensure toilets are cleaned and a plunger is available, and sanitize/clean kitchen appliances and drawers.

Prepare high traffic areas

Guests deserve to feel a warm welcome, and you can accomplish this through simple touches in spaces they may visit often. Whether it be the guest room, powder room, or foyer—make them feel at home.

Organize & prepare:
Prepare Home Holiday 1 | How to prepare your home for the holidays | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers
  • Add a fresh rug to the entryway for guests to wipe their feet upon arrival.
  • Empty your coat closet of your jackets and items to make room for their shoes and outer gear. Be sure to add extra hangers.
  • Make sure tissue and toilet paper are fully stocked in powder rooms and bathrooms.
  • Place freshly washed guest towels and washcloths on a decorative stool or small table for easy access.
  • Provide toiletries and essentials in a basket on display for guests who may have forgotten items.
  • Clear out some closet space in your guest closet for guests who may want to hang their nice, holiday clothes.
  • Provide snacks and bottled water in the kitchen area for guests to easily access. Place in a decorative basket.
Prepare Home Holiday 2 | How to prepare your home for the holidays | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers
  • Add a small bench or stool to the entryway for guests to easily remove their shoes.
  • Add small, bright flower arrangements to be placed on the vanity or bed stand.
  • Arrange special soap and lotions on a tray for guests to use.
  • Display and light festive, scented candles around the room.
  • Provide a plush throw, in case your guests become cold in the night.
  • Add nightlights. You don’t want your guests stumbling through your halls to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Instead, add motion activated or light sensitive nightlights.

Set the dining room table

There’s nothing better than having a freshly set table for your guests to arrive to! It’s festive, takes time off your to-do list, and creates a welcoming space. Bring out the fancy tableware, making things extra special for guests and add free, printable place cards. Add a splash of color with different and unique chairs around the table. Intermixing is totally allowed and makes for a unique space.

Preparing for guests and the busy holidays can be a daunting task, so, we hope this list makes it a bit easier for you! We believe in making your holidays AMAZING by adding fun and creative ideas that the whole family will enjoy! Don’t forget your friends at Amazing Spaces are happy to help you store any bulky furniture or items that aren’t conducive for the space you need for your guests! Give us a call today, 281-378-4343.

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