How to “Right-Size” Your Home for Your Lifestyle

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Right-Sizing, the art of making your home fit your current lifestyle. Whether you’re a newlywed couple with an expanding family, first-time empty nesters or you’re entering the retirement era, this blog post is for you!

Right-Sizing is the concept of taking your existing space and either modifying it to fit your current needs, or, exploring new options. Either way, you’re changing a way of living that you have likely been familiar with for many years and that can be difficult territory to navigate. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to lead you through the process!

How do you know it’s time? As seasons change and we grow as individuals, our priorities shift and certain things that were once important to us, take a back seat, while new ideas come to fruition. For example, perhaps when in your 30’s a larger home with all the amenities is most important, however, by the time you hit 60 you may care more about being in a safe community with activities within walking distance. Or, maybe you’d rather invest your savings into meaningful trips while only living at a small residence part of the year—these are all examples of right-sizing. Somethings to take into account when entering a new phase of life are things like:

  • Is my current home layout something that will age well with me?
  • Do I want to stay in the same geographical area?
  • What do I like most about my current home and what could I live without?

By answering these questions you’re setting yourself up for success in determining what modifications you need to make to your existing space, or what other options you need to explore to accomplish your objective!

Where to start?

Step number one: Work with what you have and make better use of existing space! Take an inventory of everything you currently have and determine which items must stay and which must go. For example, if you have a lot of large/bulky furniture in your family room, but, only use a portion of it, consider removing that furniture and only using what’s absolutely necessary. This will open up commonly used spaces and avoid clutter. Not ready to part with your sentimental furniture just yet? Visit any one of our 5 convenient locations, we are happy to show you our state-of-the-art storage facilities and select an option that works best for your needs!

Did you know? Clutter has some serious physical and mental health ramifications? Frustration, depression, and anxiety have all been directly linked to a cluttered living environment. Check out THIS article from WebMD that talks all about how clutter affects your health!

Making the decision!

Step number two: Now it’s time to evaluate your situation. Have you made some modifications to your existing space and how are you feeling about those? Do you think your actions have led you to a better quality of life? If so, you may have begun the perfect journey to right-sizing your current space! If you found a successful strategy for organizing one room in the home, carry that strategy throughout the rest of the house and move room-by-room!

On the other hand, perhaps you have made some changes, but, you’re still not feeling like the space you are in, is the right fit, for right now. That’s okay! Begin speaking with some advisors to evaluate your current financial situation and discuss the market with a realtor. Seeking help from outside sources can make the transition that much more convenient for you and offer peace of mind!

We’re here for you each step of the way! Our friendly staff is trained to help individuals like you select the right storage options for their needs at each stage in life. Stop in for a complimentary cup of coffee and say ‘hi’ or give us a call, 281-378-4343!

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