2018 National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Every year on National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (last Monday of January), our Amazing Spaces team creates a shrine to the wonderful product of Bubble Wrap.  Our team competes for the title of “Bubble Wrap Champion”, with the winner receiving a trophy and a pizza party.  The stakes are high and our team is quite competitive.  This year’s entries are probably the most creative we’ve ever seen.  Voting is going to be tough, but you, our Amazing audience gets to pick the winner.

You can watch the videos below, and they’re also available on our Facebook!  Comment below to vote for your favorite video!  NOTE: Videos will be unavailable until midnight on January 29th! Nothing says National Bubble Wrap Day like delaying the bubble cushion wrap gratification!

Entry #1: Bubble Wrap Painter

Entry #2: Young and Old Love Bubble Wrap

Entry #3: Corporate Safety Bubble Wrap

Entry #4: Bubble Wrap Lady Needs Her Amazing Spaces Cocoa Treat

Entry #5: Humpty Dumpty Bubble Wrap

Entry #6: 2018 Super Bubble Bowl

Check out our Blooper Video from filming this year:

Got the Urge to Pop Now?

Don’t fret! We have all the bubble cushion wrap you can dream of!  Simply reserve your bubble cushion wrap online and stop by one of our Amazing Spaces locations.

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