Amazing 2021 Christmas Wishes from Amazing Spaces

From all of us at Amazing Spaces, we hope you have a positively amazing Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

This year has simply flown by! We wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorite 2021 memories with our team as we celebrate this magical season. Check out our amazing annual Christmas video featuring all the amazingness of 2021!

A-Team Christmas Traditions

We thought it would be fun to share our A-Team’s favorite Christmas traditions as we continue to count down to Christmas 2021. From Christmas Eve hibachi dinners to visiting a Christmas tree farm, it’s clear our crew has some fabulous Christmas traditions. Grab a cup of cocoa and snuggle in with this latest blog post. Perhaps one of these amazing traditions will be a source of inspiration for your family during this most amazing time of year!

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Package Receiving Service

Amazing Spaces package receiving service offers the ultimate solution to protect your packages from theft this all year long. Simply ship your package directly to your Amazing Spaces unit and we’ll accept the delivery on your behalf. The delivery company will then secure your package inside your storage unit, and you are free to pick it up at your convenience! This is also a clever solution for preventing package theft because you can ship packages from any online retail to your unit; your Amazon, Target, and Newegg packages will all be sent to the same spot. Moreover, you can consolidate your packages from all shipping vendors and online retails inside your space and pick them up whenever you want. Learn more about our amazing package receiving service.

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A-Team Ugly Christmas Sweater Fun

Our A-team is the hardest working group of people we know, but they still know how to infuse fun into every day. Most recently, our crew competed in an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Vote for your favorite by liking or leaving a comment on our social media posts and the winning team will receive a prize!


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