Our Amazing Calf Scramble Sponsees of 2015

Well, my, my, my!

What an AMAZING year we’ve had with our calf scramble sponsee, Jenna, and her beautiful calf, Bella!

We love being able to give back to our communities and the Houston Rodeo Calf Scramble is one of our favorite events.  As a born and raised Texan company, we are extremely proud of our Texas roots.  While many of our employees are from a variety of places, we know that each of them have their own special version of Texas pride inside of them (even those silly Saints and Bears fans that we employee – they’re lucky they’re talented.  Oh, and go Texans!).

All of us at Amazing Spaces are so proud and tickled pink to have had the pleasure of sponsoring such wonderful calves this year.  Jenna kept us filled with wonderful updates about her care of Belle.

Belle’s hoove cleaning! Oh my!

Belle’s hoove cleaning! Oh my!


Belle grazing the pasture!











Feel free to read some of the letter updates we received from Jenna: here, here, and here.

Belle won the 3rd Place British Heifer!

Belle won the 3rd Place British Heifer!


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