Amazing Calf Scramble Update August 2018


Calf Scramble FB Update | Amazing Calf Scramble Update August 2018 | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Our calf scramble sponsees have been busy bees taking care of their calves this summer. Check out the latest from Ty and Skye. These young adults are truly Amazing and we love hearing their progress and watching these calves grow!

Calf Scramble Update Ty | Amazing Calf Scramble Update August 2018 | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Updates from Ty and Bahama Mama (aka Big Mama)

In traditional summer fashion, Big Mama has spent plenty of time relaxing in the barns and loves grazing on her own (doesn’t that sound Amazing?!). Ty has made strides on her show stance walk; he no longer must reposition her frequently! The biggest fret for Ty is Big Mama’s inconsistent appetite.  Ty and his family have been monitoring this closely and have incorporated new feeding strategies in to Big Mama’s routine.  So far, their efforts appear to be successful and Big Mama is already gaining more weight! Big Mama and Ty are currently preparing for the Bluebonnet Kickoff show in College Station. Ty is confident that Big Mama will be a hit and will be showing her in the Junior AND Open Show at the Kickoff.  Wow!

In his update, Ty discusses how summer started slow, but with the start of school, the days have begun to flow by.  While he’s excited to be back in school, it sure sounds like he had an Amazing summer. Ty participated in the Texas State FFA Convention and went on several adventures with his family and friends.  We can’t wait to hear how this year goes for Ty and the strides he and Big Mama make together!

Calf Scramble Update Skye | Amazing Calf Scramble Update August 2018 | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Updates from Skye and Daisy

Daisy has made immense strides in her progress on the halter. Over the last couple months, Skye and Daisy have overcome numerous challenges, but have pushed through.  One challenge in particular was giving Daisy her first bath, but it sounds like Skye pulled it off like a champ!  Their hard work is starting to show and now Skye is conducting research on where Daisy can practice her showing skills.


Choosing a Heifer: How Skye and Ty Selected their Calves

This year, both our calf scramble sponsees selected Brahman heifers as their valves of choice. You may be wondering why Ty and Skye selected this breed and the exact calf, but now we have the inner scoop to share with you all!

Why Skye Chose Daisy – By Skye

When I caught at the calf scramble, I knew exactly what I wanted: a Brahman Heifer.  I have always appreciated the Brahman breed, due to it having its own obstacles on its own as breed. Many people automatically assume Brahmans are aggressive. This isn’t necessarily the truth and I wanted to take on the opportunity to show this to the world. I could hardly contain my excitement when we went to go look at heifers.  We walked out to the field of Brahmans and suddenly I began to panic. I wondered how I would know which one to pick!  As I stood in the field, a little gray calf ran up to me and nudge me.  That was when I knew. I looked at my breeder and I said this is the one: I want her. I loved the way she looked, walked, and the fact her attitude was of a very loving and empathetic nature.

Daisy needed to stay at the breeder for several weeks before I could take her home.  Every few weeks, we’d visit her and see how she was developing. Each time we visited her, my love and excitement over this calf would grow exponentially! Every time we went, she improved, which is particularly impressive for a calf that was an orphan. She was progressing just like I knew she would from the moment I saw her and continues to improve every day.  To add onto all my new challenges, I have also sent in the application for the Texas Cattle Women, and American Brahman Breeders Association. I have found a new love for something other than my goats and it’s all because of Daisy. The moment I saw Daisy is the moment I knew all these new doors were going to start opening for me.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with Daisy and am excited to see what the future brings

Why Ty Selected Miss SCC Bahama Mama (AKA Big Mama) – By Ty

I selected Big Mama to show as my HLSR Calf Scramble Project because her breed, the Brahman, interested me. From their unusual hump on their backs, to their hanging fats rolls on their neck, to their big floppy ears. Another reason why I selected the Brahman breed is because my Ag teacher, Glen Hughes, and his daughter, Natalie, have a lot of experience with the breed.  Moreover, the Brahman breed has peaked my interest as I have seen them all over the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

As we began looking for a Brahman heifer, we visited many breeders throughout Texas but none of the heifers stood out to me. Eventually we traveled to Independence, Texas, to the Schulte Cattle Company. When we got there, one heifer immediately stood out to me. This heifer walked beautifully and when she stopped walking she automatically stopped in a perfect show pose. Wow!  I went to get a closer look at her and she walked straight up to me and licked my hand without any fear at all of me. I instantly fell in love with this heifer. I purchased Bahama Mama that day and she is now part of the TMW Cattle Company.

The Brahman breed, also known as the American breed, was first bred in the United States from cattle in India. In India, the Brahman is a religious animal and is forbidden to be killed or used as food. The Brahman breed is a perfect fit for the Texas climate because they have a very high heat tolerance. Many people seem to associate the hump on the Brahman breed to that of a camel. But what many people don’t realize it is a fatty tissue that is used to store water which allows it to be able to go long periods of time without water. Another interesting feature of the Brahman breed that makes it the perfect breed for Texas are the fat rolls that hang from its neck. These serve as a cooling system from which sweat comes from to keep the cattle cool in the hot climate of Texas. Their sweat serves as a dual purpose for the Brahman cattle, not only does it cool them down, but it also creates an oil that is thought to help grow hair and a natural fly or insect repellent. People ask why the heifers are dehorned when they are young, but the fact of the matter is it simply makes them more attractive and feminine. For example, a pure white and clean heifer looks a lot more appealing than a sweat stained heifer with horns. The Brahman breed is also known for their intelligence and memory. This means when they get shots and branded they are going to remember that person and the feeling they gave them, and they will know that person gave them that feeling. But if you’re the person that feeds them, cares for them and loves them. They will like you and be more loving and playful towards you.

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