Coming Soon to Vintage Park: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Bringing a unique movie-watching experience to Northwest Houston

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Good news, moviegoers in Northwest Houston! Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is coming to Vintage Park!

Alamo Drafthouse boasts its “signature touches” which, as their website states, includes ad-free custom pre-shows, ironclad no-talking/no-texting policy and an elimination of each theater’s traditional front row of seats for an ideal viewing experience.
Alamo Drafthouse has received high praise and reviews by moviegoers and movie critics alike. Their approach to providing a unique movie going experience includes meals, snacks, and drinks available to order from a waiter. Tables are positioned in front of each row of seats and include very low lighting, paper, pencil, and a clip on which to attach your hand written order if you decide mid-show that you’d like another beer for instance. Once you put the slip of paper in the clip, this acts as a flag to get your waiter’s attention while being unobtrusive to fellow patrons.
Another unique feature of the theater is their “Signature Events.” Everyone knows that part of what makes a favorite movie better and better each time you watch is the fact that you can quote all the lines along with the movie. Alamo Drafthouse gives you the perfect venue to do this without being shunned by fellow movie goers. One of the staples of their Signature Events is “quote-along” and even “sing-along” showings of your favorites! For example, coming up on Friday, February 22nd is the Signature Event: Grease Sing-Along! Check out their full calendar for all of the new releases and Signature Events. Go here for more about Alamo Drafthouse – Vintage Park.

The Vintage Park Alamo Drafthouse will officially open on Thursday, February 14th and is located in the Vintage Park Shopping Village at 114 Vintage Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77070.

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