Amazing February 2017 Update from Our Calf Scramble Sponsees

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Image for our February 2017 update of Amazing Spaces Calf Scramble Sponsees

My oh, my. We are so pleased to share the February 2017 update of our 2016 Calf Scramble Sponsees. How is it almost rodeo season again?  Our 2016-2017 Calf Scramble Sponsees have been some of the most Amazing ones yet. It has been our pleasure watching Justin and Jordan grow and develop through the Rodeo Houston Calf Scramble program.  We love sponsoring this event because we know it truly makes an impact in these hard-working kids lives.  We’ve sponsored the Calf Scramble program at the Houston Rodeo for several years now and will continue to do so.  The daily efforts of these Amazing students blew us all away here at Amazing Spaces.  We’re so sad that this is the last update we will receive from Jordan and Justin, but we’re excited to see them graduate the program.  We hope they keep in touch and continue to grow their agricultural skills.

Updates from Justin & Ava

Justin and Ava have had an exciting January and February thus far.  Ava took second place at the Fort Worth Stock Show in her class.  This is particularly impressive because at the show, Ava officially proved she’s a female (if you get my drift).  Placing second despite being on the moody side is no easy feat!  Justin and Ava spent the rest of the month prepping for the San Antonio show.  We hope they do well! On top of the show preparations, Justin has been one busy young man.  Not only is he an impressive calf scrambler, but he also spends his days juggling a schedule that includes: track, flag football, football off-season workouts, and FFA Career Development.  How does this kid even have time to do his homework!  We feel for you Justin – let us know how we can help!

 Updates from Jordan and Daisy

Jordan and Daisy also spent time at the Fort Worth show!  To prepare for the beauty portion of the show, Daisy was even given some of Jordan’s own shampoo!  She was quoted saying “My hair has never been so voluptuous in my whole life”.  Wow! We wish we could have been there to see that! :-)  Jordan and Daisy are preparing for the Rockwall County 4-H Beef Club heads Up and Stick’Em show in March, if anyone would like to attend!

We look forward to seeing Justin and Jordan once again at the 2017 Rodeo Houston Calf Scramble Wrap Up show.  We hope you have enjoyed spending a year with these two Amazing students. Here’s to meeting two more Calf Scrambler winners at the next rodeo!

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