Amazing Spaces to Participate in Global 6K Walk for Water

Global Walk for Water Promotional Image

A fundamental element of Amazing Spaces operation is our commitment to giving back to those in need. Each year, we donate to as many nonprofits and charities in need as possible.

As we continue to grow, our commitment to giving back to those in need is stronger than ever. This year, our leadership team decided it was time for a company-wide effort to support a global charity.  We want further embody our company’s value of giving back, embracing it at every level of our organization. That’s why we decided to participate as a company and community leader in the World Vision Global 6K Walk for Water.

Never heard of World Vision before? That’s okay! World Vision is the largest non-governmental provider of clean water in the world. Their approach to tackling the clean water crisis focuses on the root causes of poverty, aiming to bring a long-term, sustainable solution to bringing clean waters to communities. We encourage you to learn more about World Vision’s commitment to their clean water efforts and the strategy behind their vision.

We would love for fellow clients, members of our community, and our service partners to join our team and walk for clean water. The 2020 Global 6K Walk for Water in The Woodlands will be on May 16th and participation is virtual in your own neighborhood! Make a difference, change a life, and feel amazing.

Unable to join? Please consider supporting this important mission. A donation of $50 will provide clean water to 1 person.

Check out this amazing video by Team World Vision to hear a story about the global need for water.

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