Amazing Spaces Storage Centers Properties Take on Hurricane Ike

Amazing Spaces Storage Centers Properties Take on Hurricane Ike and Proves its Status as a Leader in the Self Storage Industry

Persistence, hard work, and dedication among the founders and staff of Amazing Spaces Storage Centers are why this storage company was able to open its doors to the public so soon after Hurricane Ike. Locally owned and operated in the Houston area, Amazing Spaces has been through its fair share of adversity. From its inception, Amazing Spaces had to persevere through obstacles that have made this company stand out among the competition and strive as a leader, unparalleled in customer service.


Texas wasn’t prepared for the storm that would push through the Gulf and slam into our coast at the expense of many. Fortunately, the employees that make up the Amazing Spaces family were all safe and ready to start recovery. Two of the three Amazing Spaces locations (The Woodlands and Spring, TX) went relatively unscathed. The third location (in the Cy-Fair/Jersey Village area) received moderate wind damage to a couple storage buildings. Immediately, a roofing company and contractors where brought to the property to fix any damage.  For the most part, we were very lucky. Still, just like so many in the surrounding communities, all locations were without power immediately following the hurricane. But don’t think that stopped us!


It was the commitment of all Amazing Spaces employees that showed our dedication to customer service. Even without power, at some stores for more than two weeks, we resumed operations to accommodate our valued customers. All Amazing Spaces properties have automatic gate systems with individually monitored door alarms on every unit, so without power, this became a tricky situation. Our employees returned to work the following Monday after the storm to allow customers to enter the property by manually operating the access gates so they could retrieve any items they needed to hasten their recovery, and so they could check on the safety of their personal items. Generators were even brought in, within three days after the storm, to maintain the Amazing Spaces Wine Cellars and to operate the retail office for customers. Wine collectors from as far as Galveston were in need of wine storage to preserve what they could salvage from their collections. Within one week, letters were sent to every Amazing Spaces customer at all locations informing them of the general condition of the property, and customers were still able to check on their accounts online at www.amazingspaces.com.


Not only were Amazing Spaces employees willing to come to work in unfavorable conditions for their customers, they were ready and eager to help those who weren’t customers. They made the opportunity of renting a storage unit, at a discounted rate, a possibility for those who had sustained extensive damage to their homes.


Even now, Amazing Spaces is still offering $50 off the first month of rent, for any size storage unit, for those who suffered losses caused by Hurricane Ike. Recovery was swift and operations are back to normal. As unfortunate as it is for those who have been affected by Hurricane Ike, the Amazing Spaces family is proud to be able to help those people in their time of need and offer outstanding solutions to alleviate the stress of moving. As Amazing Spaces Storage Centers expand operations, through franchising, more people will have the opportunity to experience the kind of customer service and community involvement that Amazing Spaces stands for. This is just another reason why Amazing Spaces Storage Centers is a leader in the self storage industry.

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