Amazing January 2017 Calf Scramble Update!

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Pictures from the January 2017 update we received from our Calf Scramble Sponsees

We love sharing these updates with you, as we know you love seeing how hard these #RodeoHouston Calf Scramble kids work!  Check out the Amazing news from our January 2017 Calf Scramble update.

Justin’s Busy Month with Ava

Justin and Ava have had been very busy throughout December and January.  Justin has been walking Ava to prepare for majors, which are coming up fast!  They participated in two 4-H shows, where Ava was ranked 3rd out of 14!  How Amazing!  Justin told us that the competition was quite intense, as they combined all the American breeds together in judging.  Last we heard, Justin and Ava were ten days away from the Ft. Worth Livestock Show.  We can’t wait to hear how she does!

Jordan Staying Busy and (trying to) Stay Healthy

Jordan has also had quite the Amazingly crazy few months!  In our last update, we mentioned that Jordan was looking to breed Daisy.  Well, it seems she found her Prince Charming, and his name is Boomer!  Boomer comes from an AMAZING family, with a few State Fair winners!  You can see a picture of him as the header of this blog post. Isn’t he handsome?!  It was love at first site for Daisy and Boomer, a match made in heaven.   If all goes well, Daisy will be a mom by mid-October.  Here’s hoping!

Poor Jordan has felt like she’s been falling apart since an injury she sustained during the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo’s Calf Scramble Progression Show.  Daisy decided to be overly spunky and hurt Jordan’s wrist.  No fractures, but from now on, she’s going to be extra careful and wear a brace.  Since then, Jordan has hurt herself in drill team practice. An MRI, X-Rays, ad a few surgeons later, she learned she tore her ACL.  Wishing you a speedy recovery, Jordan!  In closing, Jordan mentioned she’ll be selling her other heifer, Rain at the 65th Annual Northeast Texas Hereford Association Sale in Mt. Pleasant.  If anyone’s looking for an Amazing calf, you should check her out!

One of our favorite ways to give back

We absolutely love giving back to our community, especially to these Amazing prodigies from the Calf Scramble.  We can’t wait to see how Jordan and Justin finish out the year and then meet our two new sponsees! We hope you enjoyed this January 2017 Calf Scramble Update as much as we did!

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