June 2017 Calf Scramble Update

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June 2017 calf scramble update

June 2017 Calf Scramble Update: Meet our 2017-2018 Calf Scramble Sponsee, Max Coppenbarger

We have exciting news in this June 2017 calf scramble report update! Our calf scramble sponsee, Max, has selected his heifer!  He chose a black maintainer, who came from a strong set of parents.  She was also the best looking out of the entire selection, with hair that will be perfect for the climate in El Paso.  Max is positive she will perform “Amazingly” for the show next year.  We’re already excited to see them!  We can’t wait to hear more about Max and his heifer!

What is the Calf Scramble Program?

We’ve talked a lot about our sponsorship of the Houston Calf Scramble.   This is one of favorite ways to give back to our community because we can see the impact this program makes on these kids all year long.  What exactly happens at the calf scramble? Picture this: 30 kids and 15 calves come together in the middle of NRG Stadium.  Each student who catches a calf receives a $1,750 award to purchase a calf of their choosing.  Sponsors like us come together to fund the awards and in turn receive monthly updates from their sponsees. The calf scramble winners then get to experience what it’s like to raise a calf.  At the next year’s rodeo, the scramble students come together with their calves and compete for additional prizes. According to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s website, Rodeo Houston’s calf scramble program has awarded nearly $12.5 million dollars out to over 21,000 different students.  Talk about an Amazing way to give back!

Amazing Spaces’ Involvement

Amazing Spaces has supported the Calf Scramble program at Rodeo Houston for 5 years.  We love being able to help these students take on this Amazing opportunity and learn what it means to take care of a calf.  We love reading about the adventures our sponsees encounter with their calves and watch as they progress through the year.   This is just one of the many ways we like to give back to our communities. A pilar of our vision statement is to give back to our communities.  If you know an Amazing non-profit in need of support, please encourage them to apply for a sponsorship from Amazing Spaces today.

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