Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Though it’s not the official last weekend of the summer, it might feel like it to families whose kids have started back at school this week. Have some fun this Labor Day weekend! Here are some of our ideas to make the most of this long weekend in another edition of our “Fun, Sun, Yum” series!

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SUN Before the days start getting shorter, soak up a few more rays this weekend while you grab some fresh produce from a local Farmer’s Markets. Check out this interactive map from Epicurious.com that shows you what fruits and veggies are in their peak season by month. This month is the perfect time to buy cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, peaches, and tomatoes to name a few! Buying produce in their peak season means they’ll be the tastiest! Grogan’s Mill Farmer’s Market  in The Woodlands, Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market on Richmond St.

FUN – Check out these adorable doggie boxes! There just a concept design now, but hopefully they’ll become available for purchase soon! How cute is that?!

YUM – Ever felt like making some really cute cookies like the ones you always see on Pinterest? Take a gander at these beach themed sugar cookies! Click here for a classic sugar cookie recipe. Use Food Networks guide for coloring icing: here. For the flip flops, Shelley on How Does She’s blog gives step-by-step instructions for making fondant flip flops. Or, make the flip flops by using two pink Mike and Ike candies and pipe a thin ribbon of white icing on top (“glue” the candies to the cookie with the same icing). Even if you fail to get them to look just like the picture above, it just may be your yummiest failure yet!

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