Meet The A-Team: Our Woodlands ~ Magnolia Property Manager, Nick!

Our Amazing Spaces A-team is committed to making quality customer service a top priority. That’s why, each month, we’re choosing a different Amazing Spaces team member to highlight for their commitment to going above and beyond for our customers! Keep up with this series to see how amazing our team is!


This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with the Magnolia Property Manager, Nick! His work ethic and dedication to customer service are inspiring to say the least.  Today, let’s get to know Nick.

Making Amazing Spaces Home

Amazing Spaces Magnolia Manager Nick | Meet The A-Team: Our Woodlands ~ Magnolia Property Manager, Nick! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Prior to his career at Amazing Spaces, Nick began working in customer service at the young age of 15 years. Eventually, he grew into the hospitality and sales industry, where he worked for 20 years before he made Amazing Spaces home. Nick was originally hired as a moving and storage concierge three years ago. In November 2019, Nick took on a new, well deserved promotion as the manager of the Amazing Spaces Woodlands ~ Magnolia storage property.  As property manager, Nick bears the responsibility for delivering the amazing difference day-in and day-out.  His efforts in leading his property to delivering a remarkable experience can be seen around every corner at his property and heard by the many rave reviews from his clients.

Nick told us that his favorite part of being a member of the Amazing Spaces team is the family atmosphere that Scott and Kathy have created and their incredible generosity. Since joining the A-Team in 2017, Nick has made his mark at Amazing Spaces. From being a two-time champion of our National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day contest to winning the 2019 Amazing Spaces healthy water drinking challenge, Nick has shown that he is ready to take on any challenge. Just in case you haven’t had the opportunity to bear witness to Nick’s truly amazing and creative energy, we’ve included both of his winning National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day videos at the bottom of this post.

Passion for Customer Service

Amazing Spaces Magnolia Manager Nick 2 | Meet The A-Team: Our Woodlands ~ Magnolia Property Manager, Nick! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Nick’s dedication to customer service is one of the key hallmarks of his strong management skills. An individual recently called after hours in desperate need of a storage unit. Rather than saving the call for the next day, Nick went above and beyond to help accommodate their tight deadline and situation. He stayed late to ensure they were setup with the proper unit for their needs. This is not an unusual story for Nick to share with the Amazing Spaces team.  Simply put, Nick’s passion for giving each and every client an amazing experience is the norm, rather than the exception. In a day when digital communications become more and more common, Nick has worked hard to infuse as much personality, care, and fun to ensure his clients smile. Delivering a remarkable experience goes beyond polite conversation, instead Nick works hard to build relationships with each of his clients. Because so many of us need storage during a time of extreme stress and chaos, Nick’s calming and friendly demeanor offers a welcome change of pace for those who visit his store.

COVID’s Impact On Service

Nick Covid 19 Response | Meet The A-Team: Our Woodlands ~ Magnolia Property Manager, Nick! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Due to the uncertainty and changing times that COVID has presented, Nick has made it his mission to make his clients’ lives as amazing as possible.  He has worked hard to ensure that each customer feels safe and supported in the facility and has everything they need for an efficient process. As a result, people have continued to visit the facility and tell their friends about their amazing experience!

Meet the Nick Behind the Curtain

Amazing Spaces Magnolia Manager Nick 4 | Meet The A-Team: Our Woodlands ~ Magnolia Property Manager, Nick! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Nick was born and raised in Houston where he grew-up to be an avid baseball and more specifically, Houston Astros fan. Outside of working at Amazing Spaces, he plays softball tournaments at Houston Sportsplex. He has even traveled to Orlando to play third base at the ESPN Disney Wide World of Sports complex! Nick is an awesome family man and has been married to his amazing wife have been married for four years (but have been happily together for 10 years!).

It may be no surprise to those who recognize Nick from his experience in commercials and fun videos, but Nick is no stranger behind the camera. In fact, Nick’s dream job would be to anchor sports as a broadcaster and we can certainly see why! Nick’s charismatic personality and conversationalist nature make him a joy to interact with. It’s easy to picture him as a broadcaster and we would love to see more of him on television!

Stop in and see for yourself why Nick is such an incredible asset to our Amazing team!

And, finally, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Without any further delay, take a moment to watch two amazing videos featuring Nick’s mastery of  celebrating National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. We wouldn’t be surprised if you stopped in to get his autograph after viewing these two wonderful films!

2018 Super BUBBLE Bowl

2020 Bubble Wrap Dojo

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