Meet The A-Team: Our Springwoods ~ Exxon Campus Property Manager, Sabrina!

Picture of Amazing Spaces Springwoods Property Manager Sabrina

Our Amazing Spaces A-team is committed to making quality customer service a top priority. That’s why, each month, we’re choosing a different Amazing Spaces team member to highlight for their commitment to going above and beyond for our customers! This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with the Springwoods ~ Exxon Campus Property Manager, Sabrina! Her personal journey is incredibly unique with stories ranging from how she stumbled upon Amazing Spaces, to her inspirational experience caring for her Veteran husband, and believe it or not—her ties back to Hawaiian royalty. Keep up with this series to see how amazing our team really is! Let’s get to know Sabrina!

Making Amazing Spaces home

Meet Sabrina Springwoods Property Manager | Meet The A-Team: Our Springwoods ~ Exxon Campus Property Manager, Sabrina! | Amazing Spaces Storage CentersPrior to her career at Amazing Spaces, Sabrina had a passion for criminology. She worked for TSA/ Homeland Security as a Transportation Supervisory Security Manager and was a Member of the TSA Diversity Advisory Council in Washington D.C. where she assisted in the development of the first TSA Diversity Strategic Plan. However, when her husband became disabled while serving our country, she had to set aside her work to care for him at home. After a number of years, he eventually became healthy enough to attend Lone Star College in Texas. While living in the Shenandoah area, she constantly passed by the Amazing Spaces property, and finally, curiosity got the best of her and she was surprised to learn that it was a storage property! Since she had never pictured herself working for a storage facility, she didn’t give it much thought. However, when she made the decision to go back to work, she attended several job fairs in the area. That’s where she met Heather, our Managing Director, and a few other A-team members. After many different conversations with multiple Amazing Spaces staff members, she was ultimately offered a job! She decided to accept the position and that’s when it all began!

The Journey to Property Manager

About four years ago she began working at Amazing Spaces as a leasing consultant at the Woodlands property. Shortly after hiring her, it became obvious that she was an exceptional employee and because of that, she continued to be promoted. She began assisting Megan, (who was the Property Manager of the Magnolia property at the time) with the grand opening of the brand new property. Following that role, Sabrina was promoted to manager of the Springwoods property. She hasn’t stopped there either…now with her steady career, she has taken the opportunity to go back to her roots and start working on her Master’s Degree in Psychology to better serve her amazing customers!

Customer Service

Storage Customer Service | Meet The A-Team: Our Springwoods ~ Exxon Campus Property Manager, Sabrina! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

A few things that she loves about working at Amazing Spaces is the culture. She appreciates that the owners do their best to take care of their employees and create a family-like atmosphere. She also loves representing an experience like none other in the industry. Last but not least, her favorite part is meeting and working with new clients every day! The positive working environment has motivated her to truly go above and beyond for the Amazing Spaces customers.

She says, “The three most important qualities of working as a property manager are customer service, remembering the key details, and providing the customer with exactly what they need. By asking thorough questions, I am able to determine the best option for each scenario.”

One example of how Sabrina truly goes above and beyond for the customers, is during the hot summer days, she hand delivers snacks and fresh water to the individuals working in their storage units! She says that giving back to her customers, colleagues, and community is what makes her feel most fulfilled.

Hawaiian Royalty

Sabrina Hawaiian Ancestry | Meet The A-Team: Our Springwoods ~ Exxon Campus Property Manager, Sabrina! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

After learning about her amazing career experience we were even more interested to learn all of the fun facts about her personal background! She was raised in Hawaii but moved to Arkansas to live with her father’s side of the family and helped raise her three nieces when her mother passed.

Sabrina Hawaiian Decendant | Meet The A-Team: Our Springwoods ~ Exxon Campus Property Manager, Sabrina! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

One of the most amazing things that we learned about Sabrina is that her relatives just happen to be Hawaiian royalty! Her uncle is King Akahinui, the royal heir to the Crown and Thrown of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Check out this photo of her mother signing the declaration of Royal decendancy. Her mother, who was born and raised in Hawaii, survived Pearl Harbor in a bomb shelter, and proceeded to live without indoor plumbing until she got to high school! Sabrina is also related to the famous Hawaiian sumu wrestler, Jesse Kuhaulua. Her multi-cultural family history is truly remarkable and has made her into the amazing team member that she is today!

With her wonderful stories, charming charisma, and diligent work ethic, Sabrina is an amazing first example of the inspiring employees that represent Amazing Spaces! Stay tuned for next month’s feature.

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