Meet the A-Team! Get to know Dan, our Woodlands ~ Shenandoah ~ Oak Ridge Property Manager

It’s nearly the end of the year, but we wanted to be sure to squeeze in one last A-Player interview to share with y’all! This time, we were delighted to sit down with the extra-amazing Dan, the Property Manager of our Woodlands ~ Shenandoah ~ Oak Ridge location. Dan joined the A-Team in early 2021 and, if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that Dan CAN. We see a lot of oddities in our day to day lives here at Amazing Spaces, and regardless of what pops up, Dan’s can-do attitude shines through all his endeavors. We know we’re very lucky to have him on our team and look forward to helping you get to know this amazing team player!

Dan the Farm Man

Meet Dan Blog Interview

Growing up on a farm and ranch in West Texas, Dan has always been a “farm boy”. The son of a cowboy and baker, Dan is the youngest in his family and has two sisters. We’re not kidding when we say Dan grew up in the Texas ranch country, in fact his high school class was a whopping 12 people !Like so many of the good people out in West Texas, Dan prides himself in his strong work ethic.

Dan isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and go the extra mile to get a job done. Always looking out for the underdog, Dan is committed to building a strong sense of community wherever he is, seeking out connections with others whenever the opportunity presents itself. It’s no wonder his life motto is “be kind”, if you’re like us, you’ll leave every conversation with Dan with a big grin on your face.

The Legend, the Myth, the DAN

Meet Dan Blog Interview

Outside of work, Dan is passionate about his friends, who have become his chosen family, his two rescue dogs, Zoey and June (June is possibly a beagle and Zoey is “just fantastic”), and FOOD. Dan loves everything about food – cooking, eating, sharing, just everything! His favorite meal to cook is lasagna; he even made it for Thanksgiving and everyone LOVED it. Always looking to change things up, Dan likes learning how to cook new things and switch up recipes until they are his own.

In addition to cooking (and eating) new and exciting foods, Dan loves reading a good book. An avid reader, Dan is continuously looking to expand his awareness through the written word. We guarantee your cheeks will hurt from smiling so much while chatting with Dan. If you want to get him going, infuse a little dry humor into the conversation. Dan loves dry, witty humor like that of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Schitt’s Creek.

Mo-DAN-vation and Inspirations

Meet Dan Blog Interview

A hard worker to his core, Dan is motivated by the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a day at work. One of his favorite things about working at Amazing Spaces is making connections with his clients. With clients living coast-to-coast throughout the United States, Dan loves being able to connect with all of his clients and listen to each of their unique stories. From the weather in Seattle, to the latest news in the San Francisco Bay area, to the descriptions of lightning bugs in the Carolina, Dan’s connections with his clients mean the world to him.

“Customers have shared with me about their experiences of moving their elderly parents in with them, losing a parent or spouse…really heavy times in their lives. I’ve gotten to be a part of helping them in those transitions. And in turn, have begun to have ongoing dialogues with people from all walks of life and from all reaches of the USA. These connections and relationships that have happened are truly my favorite part of my job.”

Dan’s heroes and sources of inspiration are his grandparents. His grandfather was a WWII veteran. As soon as the war was over, he went home and started a family with Dan’s grandmother (#BabyBoom). Despite the inevitable challenges that life threw their way, Dan’s grandparents remained true to their values, always putting their family first. To this day, Dan has the highest admiration for their strength and commitment.

Dan’s Adventure to Amazing Spaces

Meet Dan Blog Interview

Prior to joining the Amazing Spaces A-Team, Dan spent several years in retail and inventory management. The first time he visited Amazing Spaces, he realized this was not going to be one of those “run of the mill” companies. The rest is, as they say, history! Since joining the A-Team, Dan has truly established himself as a reliable teammate, always willing to go above and beyond to help coworkers, clients, and anyone visiting his property. Stop by our Woodlands ~ Shenandoah property to meet your new BFF Dan!

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