Meet the A-Team! Get to know James, our Woodlands ~ Shenandoah ~ Oak Ridge Property Manager, James!

A hard-working, random movie-quoting, California native, James joins our A-team after making the big move from California to Texas. With a background in property management, retail management, and even as a foreman for white water rafting, there are few challenges that James can’t tackle!

The Amazing James Makes His Way to Texas

Hailing from Northern California, James moved to Houston in August 2021. Growing up in California, James spent most of his life around the fire service, an industry to this day he is remains passionate about.

An outdoor enthusiast, James loves hiking, golfing, skiing, fishing, disc golf, and really anything you can do outside. In fact, he used to have a cabin in one of the most beautiful places in the US, South Lake Tahoe.

You may be wondering what drew James to Texas? Aside from the many amazing reasons to move to Texas, James’s primary motivation was to be closer to family. As a child, James would visit his aunt and many cousins in Houston. They’ve been asking him to move down for quite some time, so he packed his bags and made his way down to the Lone Star State.

His mom will be making her way south in the near future, and James’s 6-year-old pit lab mix Bella will be joining her for the journey! While Miss Bella will certainly miss romping around the family’s 23-acre property in California, we know she will be over the moon to be reunited with James once again.

James's Family Putting Out Fires (Literally)

Back in California, is James’s younger sister, niece and nephew, and his retired firefighter father. One of James’s proudest achievements is being able to work alongside in the fire department. James is passionate about fighting fires and helping those in need.

This passion extends beyond James’s immediate experience, as fighting fire’s is in James’s family’s DNA. In addition to his dad’s experience in the fire department, his grandfather, who served in the US Navy, was on the force as well!

Both his dad and grandfather worked as firefighters for over 40 years. Their commitment to this noble profession is one of many reasons James’s father and grandfather top the lists of his personal heroes.


James Joins the A-Team

Shortly after moving to Texas, James found his way to the Amazing Spaces A-team! Originally hired as a Leasing and Sales Consultant at our Champions ~ Vintage Park property, James was quickly promoted to Property Manager of our Woodlands ~ Shenandoah ~ Oak Ridge location. During his first visit to an Amazing Spaces property, James immediately recognized that this is not your normal storage company.

He was blown away by how “fancy” the properties were, as previously he had only seen not-so-nice storage facilities. When we asked James his favorite part of working at Amazing Spaces, he gave no hesitation in his answer: the people. Getting to meet all the different people and having an opportunity to interact with them. He loves being able to build relationships with clients and finding new ways to make their day even more amazing.

Every day brings something new! Since starting at Amazing Spaces, James has heard a variety of different stories from clients. Most people need storage during a stressful time in their lives and, James loves being there to provide a sympathetic ear and finding creative ways to help them. You never know who is going to walk through the doors of any Amazing Spaces property. Each person has a unique story and James is here to hear all of it.

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