Meet the A-Team! Get to know Patricia, our Woodlands ~ Shenandoah Leasing and Sales Consultant

Today’s A-Player spotlight is our Woodlands ~ Shenandoah ~ Oak Ridge Leasing and Sales Consultant, Patricia! A small-town gal and proud mama bear of two amazing young men, A-Player Patricia puts her heart into helping others and doing something meaningful each and every day. We are so excited to get to know her amazing self and cannot wait to share her story with you!

Patricia grew up in the small, charming town of Dew, Texas. Small, indeed! The population of Dew was too small to warrant a high school; the town’s local school system too teeny! After junior high, Patricia and her class of six other people were transported to a different high school outside of the town. While small, Dew was a wonderful place for Patricia to grow up. While she misses small town life and her hometown like crazy, she absolutely loves living here in The Woodlands with the love of her life.

One of the biggest blessings of Patricia’s life was growing up with her amazing family. With two older brothers, Patricia was not only the only girl, but the baby as well. In addition to her brothers, Patricia had more cousins than she could count, of whom she was the also the youngest. Being the youngest has some perks, and as Patricia (and her brother) tells us, she was quite spoiled growing up!

Patricia’s family worked hard and loved harder. Busy bees to their core, there was always something to do! A favorite activity was their family garden, to which all kids were expected to pitch in. One of Patricia’s favorite memories growing up is when her mother played piano for their small-town church and Patricia joined in by singing hymns. Her father coached little league, so there were many days to the ballpark, as well as church picnics, potlucks, and revivals.

Today Patricia enjoys living in The Woodlands area with her husband and 14-year-old (very) fat wiener dog Dixie. She comes into work each day, motivated to work hard so she can feel that sense of accomplishment. Day-in and day-out, Patricia strives to do whatever she can to make someone else’s life a little better. Patricia knows that something as simple as a genuine smile and heartfelt greeting can make the world of a difference in the day-to-day chaos of life.

Patricia has many passions, including crafting, gardening, and staying busy! She loves seeing things come to life with a little bit of hard work. We asked Patricia what makes her laugh the most and she immediately said her funny friends. Anytime she needs a good laugh, she knows she can reach out to her very funny friends and they will be ready with their quick wit and dry sense of humor.

Patricia’s hero is, and always will be, her mother. While they may not have had a lot growing up, her mom always made it feel they had it all. She was incredibly funny and everyone who met her considered her their best friend. She was one of those special people who instantly connected with you and put you at ease. Patricia’s proudest achievement is her children. Her two boys have grown into sweet, kind, and amazing young men. She couldn’t have asked for a better family, and they fill her heart with love, joy, and happiness.

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