Meet the A-Team! Get to know Sophia, our Champions ~ Vintage Park Leasing and Sales Consultant

Meet the Amazing Spaces Team SophiaThis month we had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our newer A-Players, Sophia! Sophia is an artistic, gluten-free baking, adventure-seeking, churchgoing, amazing person! We hope you enjoy getting to know Sophia and stop by to see her soon!

A small-town girl at heart, Sophia originally hails from New Braunfels. She and her family moved to Montgomery, Texas when she was around 5 years old, and eventually, her family made their way down to Spring, Texas, where she has lived ever since. As much as she loves her home in Spring, Sophia has always been a country girl and loves escaping to small-town, rural areas. In fact, one of Sophia’s dreams would be to own a Bed and Breakfast in the small, quaint town of Fredericksburg, Texas (sign us up to stay!).

Sophia positively adores her family, and with eight siblings and stepsiblings, she never runs out of people to call and chat. Things can get a little crazy when you have a family as big as Sophia’s, but she wouldn’t have it any other way! Sophia loves spending as much time as possible with her family and remains close with everyone.

In fact, when we asked Sophia who her hero is, she responded without missing a beat: her mom. A paralegal, Sophia’s mom is no stranger to hard work, and her strength shines through every effort. Sophia’s mom is a constant source of inspiration for her, always reminding her that she can accomplish anything and to make smart decisions. What an amazing role model!

Of course, another important member of the family is the pet. Sophia’s family has a “middle aged” Springer Spaniel named Maggie. A true member of the family, Maggie loves sleeping and relaxing with Sophia and her siblings.

Making her Way to the A-Team

Meet the Amazing Spaces Team Sophia

Before joining the Amazing Spaces A-Team, Sophia worked at Target as a Front End Service Ambassador, a cashier at Kroger, and at a daycare. As soon as she visited an Amazing Spaces property, she knew it was the perfect place for her next career move. After applying to join the team, she visited our Springwoods ~ Exxon Campus and Champions ~ Vintage Park properties. She met a fellow A-Player, Eva, who enthused about the job and how much she loved her team. Eva did not steer her wrong, as Sophia truly enjoys working with everyone on the Amazing Spaces team and is grateful to be here.

Sophia’s favorite part about working at Amazing Spaces is being able to hear her clients’ stories and helping them through hard times. Sophia is passionate about making a difference in the world and wants to make sure her time on Earth is spent well. She loves helping others and finds strength in her faith. Being a part of her church community is a big part of Sophia’s life; she loves going to church and, of course, loves God.

Sophia and Her Many Talents

Meet the Amazing Spaces Team Sophia

Sophia’s proudest achievement is independently paying for and completing her Associate of Arts degree from Lonestar College. This was a one of the toughest challenges Sophia has ever encountered, especially because she worked while earning her degree. There were times she wanted to give up, but she persevered and is proud she did. Way to go, Sophia!

Now Sophia is looking into going back to school, possibly for a degree in finance. She loves learning new things and sharpening her skills. She told us she likes to dabble in a variety of different things. She took up painting after taking a class at Painting with a Twist and has taken her skill to new levels! Another one of Sophia’s hobbies is baking! Finding tasty treats can be challenging when you’re gluten free, so Sophia has taken it upon herself to experiment and try new recipes.

Sophia the Adventurer

Meet the Amazing Spaces Team Sophia

Sophia recently celebrated her sister Jessie’s bachelorette party in New Orleans. This fun event sparked a love for the beauty and culture of this absolutely amazing city. The history, the architecture, and oh, the food of NOLA inspired Sophia beyond words. In fact, it is because of this trip that Sophia caught the travel bug.

Since returning from New Orleans, Sophia has been researching where she wants to explore next. She’d love to make it over to New York City sometime in the near future, but her dream trip would be over to the United Kingdom. A history buff, Sophia loves the idea of exploring the remarkable cities of London and Edinburgh. We can’t wait to hear what amazing place she explores next!


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