October Rodeo Houston Calf Scramble Update

We’ve received another Amazing update from our #RodeoHouston Calf Scramble Sponsees for the month of October.

Amazing Update from Justin and Ava – Ava’s First Show!

Image of Just and Ava for October Calf Scramble update

October was action-packed for Ava. Once Ava was settled in to her new home, she was taken to the vet to get her tests and shots for the fair. One week prior to the fair, Ava’s hair was washed and dried so that it would be in good condition. The opening show was the first show in Ava’s career and she was competing against 6 older heifers.  Despite this being her first show Ava did great, placing 2nd in her class! She was only beat by one heifer that went on to win the Reserve American Division.

After the fair, Ava returned home with a runny nose and a fever. Justin took her to the vet where they diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection. This is actually fairly common for cows to contract since they’re at the fairgrounds all week with shavings and dust flying around. The vet sent her back with a couple shots and she is doing just fine now. They are currently preparing for the next show on Sunday!

Amazing Update from Jordan and Daisy

Image of Jordan and Daisy for the October Update of the Calf Scramble

Daisy made some new friends in the wash rack- the Budweiser Clydesdales! Daisy was a bit afraid, but also very interested in them. On  Friday, they competed  in the  Open  Show and  placed  third.  On Saturday, in the Junior Show, they placed fourth. During one show, Daisy was not very cooperative but they still placed second in our class. Daisy was very happy!

Daisy also competed with her FFA Chapter at the TAMU – Commerce Leadership Development Events practice contest. She competed in Greenhand Quiz on a team of four and Greenhand Chapter Conducting on a team of seven. She placed first in both! At the District LDE Contest on November 3rd, Daisy competed in Greenhand Creed, Chapter Conducting, and Quiz.  She placed seventh in Greenhand Creed. The Greenhand Chapter Conducting team placed first and  advanced  to  the  Area  V LDE Contest.   The Greenhand Quiz team placed second and also advanced to Area V LDE Contest, which will be on November 19th.

What do you think about our Amazing Calf Scramble Sponsees?  Have you ever seen such dedicated and Amazing individuals?  Being able to sponsor the Rodeo Houston Calf Scrambles is one of our favorite ways to give back to our community. We love these updates and hope you enjoy reading about this Amazing program.   In addition to providing an Amazing storage experience, we are involved in every neighborhood in which we operate.  Giving back to our communities is a core pillar of our corporate mission.  Because of this, we try to donate to as many non-profit organizations as possible.   Do you know of a worthy nonprofit that could use a monetary donation or storage donation? Is so, please encourage them to apply for a donation through Amazing Spaces today!


Image for Calf Scramble Update


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