Our 4th of July Essentials

Here are a few ideas to make this fourth of July extra special:

SUN – Between cooking on the grill and relaxing by the pool or playing in the sprinklers, you might find yourself outside all day on the Fourth. Plan a few yard games to create even more holiday memories! Scavenger Hunt: hide items around the yard and give kids a list of items to find; Fruit Race: see who can roll a grapefruit or orange across the lawn to the finish line first (put obstacles in their way) – no picking up or damaging the fruit! Hold a sidewalk chalk art contest or an ice cream sunday building contest!

FUN – Looking for some fun, festive decorations that are also easy?! Put a few red carnations in some blue tinted glasses of various sizes. Buy the glasses here at Target (choose color blue). Mix up the vases by also incorporating blue wine bottles.

YUM – If you have a hankering to step outside your comfort zone and try something new, we suggest trying Rachel Ray’s Deviled Beef Burgers. They sound delicious!


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