Outlook 2012: A year of growth and more opportunities

by Scott Tautenhahn, President

As we finish out the first month of the New Year, I finally feel like 2011 has come to an end. The holidays, family trips, countless budget meetings, and tax preparation all culminated together into what was a very hectic but fruitful last 30 days. Thankfully, I embrace this challenging time of year, it allows me to really focus and gain a fresh prospective on the New Year. Like many, every January I take the time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in the past year, and I outline personal and company goals for the New Year.

Twenty-twelve will be an exciting time for Amazing Spaces. Last year we broke ground and began construction on our newest location in the Medical Center. With the addition of the Medical Center location, we will essentially double in size: in square footage and in hiring 4 new employees. For months my team and I have been preparing for our opening in March. Though it’s a new market and demographic for Amazing Spaces, we’ve thoroughly studied the area and have already begun to connect with the community, which is our upmost priority.

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Often times when companies grow, confusion can develop as information travels from headquarters to sales teams and vice versa.  We are circumventing any possibilities of our customer service suffering during this time of expansion by bringing in sales and communication experts for intensive, onsite customer service training sessions. From corporate employees to property managers to leasing associates, everyone will go through training that will enhance what our veteran employees currently practice and will educate the newest additions to the Amazing Spaces team on our process.

Our 2012 goal is to not only meet our customers’ high expectations but to continue exceeding them. Since we opened our doors in 1998, we’ve set the bar high for our company and have ended up defining what it means to provide quality storage. I thank our employees for growing with us and for always stepping up and delivering on everything we’ve asked of them. I also thank the communities we serve; the positive feedback we receive encourages and reinforces the efforts we make every day to continue providing the best storage experience available. We can’t control what necessarily happens in the economy or in the political environment; therefore; we concentrate on what we can control. For us at Amazing Spaces, we can control how we are perceived in our communities by our goodwill programs and by giving our neighbors a storage experience unparalleled to anything else in our industry.

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