$25 Pappas Gift Card with Every Online Storage Rental

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Free $25 Pappas gift card when you rent a storage space online.

Steak & Storage | A Combination You Never Expected To LOVE

Do you need storage? Do you love Pappas restaurants? Well, we have some AMAZING news for you!  Starting Saturday, October 15th, we’re giving away an extra treat when you rent a storage space on our Amazing new website.

So what do you have to do and what’s the trick to this Pappas treat?

There’s no trick, only treats and Amazing storage.  Simply rent a unit using our convenient online storage rental system.  Our team will be notified of your rental and will mail you a Pappas gift card within 2 business days.  Easy as key lime pie.

How is renting online different from renting in person?

There are several benefits to renting a space online.  First is the convenience. You can rent your space in less than five minutes.  After you’ve rented your space online, the property manager will prepare the paperwork, so all you have to do is stop in, sign, and then you’re ready to store!  You may be wondering why we require an in-person lease signature. It’s just an added measure of security that we take to ensure we meet and greet every single person who rents a space with us. Simple steps like this help make our properties the most secure storage spaces available.

An added convenient bonus?  You may rent a unit any time, any place. Our software is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, so you can rent your unit on a bus, from your couch, at breakfast, in bed, or even during a meeting (not that we’d recommend that!). What is more, the storage price tag you see on our website is the latest and greatest price.  Like apartment communities, our prices fluctuate throughout the day.  The most accurate information is available on our website. You want to make sure to rent your unit BEFORE someone else does, or else the price may go up!

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