An Update from Our Rodeo Sponsees

Every year, Amazing Spaces sponsors two calves for the Rodeo Houston Calf Scramble.  The children who manage to wrangle a calf are given the responsibility to care for the calf to adulthood.

July 2015 Update from Case

Case was finally able to bring his new calf, Bella home this month!  She loves her new home, especially the food!  Bella calf spends her days learning how to walk and lead.  Case is currently working with his agriculture teacher to help halter break Bella. She is doing very well!


August 2015 Update from Zander

Each day, Zander cares for Bud and they have already made many Amazing memories together. Zander and Bud spend every day practicing walking, leading and moving.  Bud is no longer interested in carrots, but she loves sugar water and anything sweet!  Bud has had several adventures, including an escape from her pen.  Zander had to chase and wrangle Bud back into her home!


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