September Update from Our 2016 Calf Scramble Sponsees!

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 Welcome home, Ava

Justin and Ava have made it home!Justin brought Ava to her new home on his farm on the 1st of October. They have already made the most of their time together.  Justin has spent  many hours walking, using the show stick, and making sure she’s comfortable in her new environment.  Ava started training with her halter while eating in order to adjust to the new feeling in her mouth.  As a result, she will enhance her performance in front of a judge.  Obviously, we believe she will rank somewhere in the level of Amazing.

Ava went to the showman’s clinic and did very well.  She’s ramping up for her big show-off at the Brazoria County Fair.  The judges will be blown away by all Justin and Ava’s hard work!  Above all, we are proud to call Justin our sponsee.   Don’t you just adore the picture of the two of them together? They look like such a happy and Amazing team – we know they’ll go far together!

Yee-haw! Daisy is heading to the State Fair!


Daisy and Jordan are heading to the state fair!  Jordan has given Daisy a a special diet to include supplements and even undergone some beauty treatments (see the image with her getting a pedicure). As a result of these supplements and pampering treatments, Daisy will surely look her best come showtime!

Jordan keeps busy with FFA and 4-H, attending leadership seminars.  She is one impressive young lady and we know she’ll go far in life!  We are so pleased to be her sponsor!

To conclude September’s update, Jordan informed us that Daisy will be in the Houston Progress show in Humble on October 29th if any of our wonderful blog followers want to join us in cheering them on!

What do you think about our Amazing Calf Scramble Sponsees?  Have you ever seen such dedicated and Amazing individuals?  Being able to sponsor the Rodeo Houston Calf Scrambles is one of our favorite ways to give back to our community. We love these updates and hope you enjoy reading about this Amazing program.   In addition to providing an Amazing storage experience, we are involved in every neighborhood in which we operate.  Giving back to our communities is a core pillar of our corporate mission.  Because of this, we try to donate to as many non-profit organizations as possible.   Do you know of a worthy nonprofit that could use a monetary donation or storage donation? Is so, please encourage them to apply for a donation through Amazing Spaces today!

September 2016 Calf Scramble

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