Cha-Ching! It’s Spring Box Sale Time


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Spring means many things: rain, flowers,  growth, cleaning, and… a Spring box sale.  That’s right! We’re having our 2nd annual Spring box sale, but this year we’re adding a bit of a twist to it.  Stop by our stores and win up to 40% off your entire box purchase! Hurry in because the sale is only lasts March 26th to April 2nd!  No, we’re not fooling you!

As you may be aware, Amazing Spaces Storage Centers offers premium boxes and specialty moving supplies to help ensure your next move is Amazing. Our small and medium sized boxes have handles built into them.  This makes it easy for you to grab, stack, and move them from point A to point B.  Our specialty moving supplies make it easy to move anything from fragile china sets to golf tees to bicycles.  We also offer custom wine boxes to help ensure your next wine transfer or move is easy.  Our inserts and boxes are one-of-a-kind and only available at Amazing Spaces. It is our mission to make your entire experience remarkable at Amazing Spaces.  Offering quality products at a fair price is part of our Amazing difference.

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How does this Amazing Spring box sale work? How can you WIN up to 40% off?  During your box purchase, one of our Amazing team members will give you a scratch off card.  Just like the Texas Lottery, you will scratch off your card to reveal Amazing savings on your box purchase.

Ready to start your box purchase? Check out our online box showroom, where you can reserve moving supplies ahead of time.  Simply fill up your cart and send it to your nearest Amazing Spaces. You can pick the day and time you’d like to have the items delivered.  We’ll pull all the items from your cart so you can save time picking them up! We’ll even deliver your items curbside to your car! It’s all a part of the Amazing difference.

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