A-Team Member Johnny

This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with Johnny at our Amazing Spaces Shenandoah property! His work ethic, dedication to customer service and most importantly—country boy spirit make him more than worthy of being the A-team member to highlight this month. We’re so excited to share his story with you!


Making Amazing Spaces Home

Meet Johnny Amazing Spaces 2 | A-Team Member Johnny | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Johnny was born and raised in Huffington, Texas and served in the military for three years. He then founded his own business, “Johnny B Good Auto Glass”, which specialized in installing heavy glass for machinery and automobiles such as windshields on semi-trucks. When Coronavirus hit, he started looking at some other career paths and came upon the job posting for a Leasing and Sales Consultant position at Amazing Spaces. With many years of sales experience in similar industries, he decided to apply! He was hired in June of 2020 and ever since he takes pride in delivering the best customer service, maintaining the property, and helping customers feel amazing about their space every single day.


Passion for Customer Service

Meet Johnny Amazing Spaces5 | A-Team Member Johnny | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Johnny’s most important work advice is to consider each customer’s emotional situation. Johnny fondly remembers an interaction with a customer where lending his listening ear made all the difference. A woman came in to access her storage unit and was having trouble with the lock she put on her unit. She asked Johnny for help and as he was assisting, she began commenting on how her son had just passed away during Hurricane Harvey and how she had to keep all of his belongings in the storage unit. By genuinely listening to the customer, Johnny was able to take the time to share in her loss and listen to what she was going through and as a result, she left the property with a smile on her face. That’s what it’s all about!


He also shared about another experience when a younger gentleman visited to clear out his late father’s storage unit. No one had opened the unit for over ten years because his father didn’t leave anyone a key. Johnny was able to assist in locating the key on file that was left for him and when they opened the storage unit, the man was full of emotion as he saw all of his childhood belongings. Johnny took the time to support and listen to this customer, just as he does each and every individual who walks into the property! No matter who it is, Johnny emphasized the importance of treating each person with sensitivity and understanding since you don’t know what they may be going through or what circumstances have led them to Amazing Spaces.


Country Boy Johnny

Meet Johnny Amazing Spaces | A-Team Member Johnny | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Johnny is a fishing and barbeque enthusiast and all around country-loving boy at heart. One of his favorite work stories is when he was able to save a deer that was stuck in a rod iron fence while he was doing a morning check at the property. Johnny loves to teach his 4 children and 7 grandchildren how to fish and properly smoke a brisket. When we asked him his expert advice for someone who is just beginning to smoke their own meat, he said to be patient, and if you don’t know how to do it, be sure to ask people who do! He also recommended to start with simple meats like hamburgers and move up from there.

Johnny appreciates working at Amazing Spaces because he says that everyone he works with, including the leadership are the most amazing and genuine people. He wouldn’t trade their daily support and motivation for the world!


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