Our A-team Spotlight of the Month: Property Manager, Eva

This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with floating Property Manager, Eva! Her work ethic, dedication to customer service and most importantly—warm heart are inspiring to say the least. We’re so excited to share her story with you!

Meet Eva Behind the Curtain

Eva M Amazing Spaces | Our A-team Spotlight of the Month: Property Manager, Eva | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Eva was born in El Salvador and moved to Houston at just five years old. She made the move to the United States with her mother and her two brothers. However, she was raised in the foster care system after being put up for adoption. Her younger brothers were placed with permanent families but Eva was the oldest sibling and had a much more difficult time being placed in a forever home. Despite the challenges of not having a family to grow up with, not speaking English when she first arrived and being moved quite often—her strong faith has made her who she is today. She relies on her heavenly Father for all the love she could ever need and openly shares that love with her husband and mother-in law. Anyone who meets Eva knows the warm heart that she radiates and has been impacted by her life! We’re so grateful to have her as a part of our Amazing Spaces family.


Making Amazing Spaces Home

Prior to her career at Amazing Spaces, Eva worked at Gallery furniture in sales and customer service for many years. She used to live in the Woodlands and would drive by the Amazing Spaces storage facility in Shenandoah on a daily basis. Outside of the facility she’d notice the “Now Hiring” signs on her way to work every day and eventually in 2011 she stopped to see if there was an opportunity for her. She submitted her application and received a phone call for an offer saying she’d be perfect for the job, however, she decided to stay at her current job a few more years. About 3 years later, she made the leap and began her career at Amazing Spaces! (We’re so glad she did!)

Fun Moving Boxes | Our A-team Spotlight of the Month: Property Manager, Eva | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

As a floating Property Manager, Eva is responsible for delivering the amazing difference each day for our customers! Her day typically starts with some marketing tasks, getting staff organized and preparing the facility by doing a walk-thru to inspect each unit. She then prepares the climate controlled units to ensure they’re ready for potential customers before officially opening-up the facility for the day. She says her favorite part about working at Amazing Spaces is the chance to manage the storage units and see the smiling faces of satisfied customers.

Passion for Customer Service   

Showing Storage Units | Our A-team Spotlight of the Month: Property Manager, Eva | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers


Eva’s dedication to customer service is one of the key hallmarks of her strong management skills. One customer recently entered the facility saying that he needed help renting a moving truck because his moving company fell through at the last minute and told him they were unable to help. Eva immediately jumped on the case and called the other Amazing Spaces facilities until she found him a company truck to use for the day! The customer was able to rent the Amazing Spaces truck and as a result Amazing Spaces gained free advertising from him driving around all day—talk about a win-win! This customer was so satisfied with his experience that he ended up renting a storage unit at the Magnolia property and writing a fantastic review specifically about Eva, check it out below:

“In a difficult situation the team at Amazing Spaces really came through! Thank you Eva and Missy for making my move in so seamless. Love the facilities and everything about Amazing Spaces!” -John Hill

Eva Bubble Wrap | Our A-team Spotlight of the Month: Property Manager, Eva | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Coronavirus’ Impact on Service

Due to the uncertainty and changing times that COVID has presented, Eva has made it her personal mission to brighten her customers days and provide them with a safe environment.  As a result, she has worked hard to ensure that each customer feels safe and supported in the facility and has everything they need for an efficient process. As a result, people have continued to visit the facility and tell their friends about their amazing experience!

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