Do You Know How To Start An Amazing Wine Collection?


wine collection

If you have extra space in your storage area at Amazing Spaces, you might consider using it to store items associated with a hobby that you have. One hobby that a lot of our customers have found to be rewarding is creating a wine collection.

According to David Gass, owner of Fleurs de Gas vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina, because drinking and collecting wine is culturally a status thing for some people, respecting the level of knowledge that a person has acquired in the pursuit of building a wine collection is important to everyone in the industry. At the same time, it is possible to provide information for those getting started with or expanding a collection because there are so many varietals and nuances that you could literally spend decades learning something new.

Learn how to pair wine with your favorite meals:

One of the first things that can help guide you as you begin collecting wine is to look at what you normally eat and figure out which style or type of wine pairs the best with it. If you entertain frequently, you probably also have dishes that you like to create that lend themselves well to a particular variety. When you learn the nuances of the wine that goes with the food that you are comfortable with, at least two things happen. You become the expert at understanding what other wines will work with your favorite entrees. You also get better at ranking these wines that pair well with what you eat.

If your favorite meal is chicken lemon couscous and you select a Torrontes as an accompaniment, over time you will know which Torrontes are memorable and the best additions to your collection.

wine collectionFocus on red wine:

Actually, although Torrontes are a favorite Argentine white wine, you will be better off collecting red wine. One reason for this is that red wine is built to last. In Strasbourg, France, they have a large vat of wine that was made in the 1400s. It was locked away and left to mature in a very large barrel. The last time anyone drank any of it was after World War II during a victory celebration. According to wine specialists in France, it still remains an excellent wine.

So the value of your investment, when taken care of, will continue to climb over time. One of the main reasons that red wine is more popular for wine collections is that red wine develops more while it ages, giving you the opportunity to create some classic moments at your dinner table when you decide to open a bottle for a special occasion.

Develop a core group of varietals:

If you want a tried and true varietal, consider a Cabernet. They have consistently been at the top of everyone’s list over the years as a wine that only gets better as it ages. If you’re interested in newer trends, you could also look at collecting Malbec. Most of the research on Malbec has been done over the past 20 years as the varietal became popular. What we are beginning to learn is that there really is no endpoint for a fine Malbec. You can continue to store them and drink them for decades, with much the same enhancement as other storied varietals.

Understand how to store wine correctly:

One of the more important things to learn about different wine varietals is what the optimum storage temperature is. Our storage facilities at Amazing Spaces can be helpful in this regard because we offer wine storage units. Each wine storage unit was developed by a team of wine consultants, temperature specialists, and security experts to meet the highest standard for wine preservation. We are set up to handle any type of power outage and you will no longer have to worry about a storm coming and creating any problems for your collection.

You can also learn a lot about how to store wine by visiting local wineries. Many vintners are interested in rotating their bottles as they age because it actually allows them to shape how the particular wine ages. You can learn how to store a portion of your wine differently than you ordinarily would and end up with different flavors as time progresses.

Collecting wine can be a rewarding experience because it is a social activity where you can provide your friends and neighbors with a sophisticated experience than they would not have had otherwise. Using a storage facility to help store your collection can give you the stability, space, and peace of mind as your collection grows.

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