5 Steps to an Organized Linen Closet

If you are anything like us, you consistently find yourself digging through your linen closet for essentials in the moment and walk away wishing you’d prioritize organizing the space for next time! This is a place people commonly forget about but when the need to find something strikes, the closet suddenly feels like an obstacle course.

There are plenty of ideas for upgrading your linen closet ensuring it stays organized for the long haul, here are the top 5 tips that we think will help you get on track and stay on track!

Take Inventory

Before strategizing how to organize each item to maximize space properly, take the first step of emptying out the closet to see what you actually have in there. Since this is a closet that may not be opened as often, it’s likely that you have unnecessary things that you have forgotten about or that may even be expired!

It’s helpful to take the time to assess whether you actually need the items you’re holding onto or if they’re worth donating. While the closet is empty you can also take the time to wipe down the shelves and measure out how much space is truly available.

Maximize Shelf Space

Once measurements have been taken in order to plan what you want to put where, you’re able to find supplies such as baskets, bins, and dividers, that will help separate all of your products to avoid any clutter you had previously. This tactic also works for finding products more efficiently and keeping the organization more visibly satisfying.

Taking the extra step to label all of the organizational bins allows the system to work long-term for your linen closet. Organizing each shelf by a theme or similar items also helps with locating them in a hurry. These slide-out baskets make it easy to keep items together and also to find things without emptying the whole bin.

Fold, Fold, Fold

This may be the most tedious step when you organize a closet, but the most necessary. A tip for saving space is folding your bedsheets tightly and then stuffing them into their corresponding pillowcases.

Folding fitted sheets can be complicated, so here is a video on the optimal way to fold a fitted sheet. Rolling up small towels and washcloths and dividing them by size in dividers is the best way to save space. We love these storage baskets to keep each linen item organized!

 Prioritize Your Items

Products that are used consistently should be available at eye level and arm’s length. This is best for efficiency purposes as well as dividing up the closet space aesthetically. Toiletries and home cleaning products should be reachable since they are often used on a daily basis. Emergency items such as first aid kits should also be easy to access in a hurry.

A tip for adding extra quick access space is taking advantage of empty door space. Adding hangers or hooks to the door of your linen closet to create a space for towels or robes that you may not want to fold every time you open the closet. This is also a usable space for hanging holder’s to store products like makeup or jewelry that you want a separate space for.

Create A Pleasing Experience for Guests

Do you share a linen closet with your guests? Create a designated space with supply jars and bins that make toiletries and communal products easily accessible. By adding clear jars with cotton balls or Q-tips instead of keeping products boxed up, guests feel more comfortable taking anything they may need! It’s also nice to have a spare toothbrush, toothpaste, barred soap and travel sized shampoo on hand for their use too!

Creating the ultimate linen closet is far from easy, but, the long-term results are worth it! You’ll never fumble around searching for items again. Once you’ve created a designated space for each item you’ll also form the habit of putting it back where it belongs! Happy organizing!

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