Best Tape for Moving

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Ever wonder what tape you should use for your next move?  This is a surprisingly difficult problem out there! Who would have known that so many varieties of tape exist?!  Check out our infographic for the best tape type!

What is the best tape for moving?


Pack, Seal, Stack – The Best Tape for your Move!

As noted in our info-graphic, there are quite a few varieties of tape out there! What tape is best for you?  It depends on what you need it for…

Standard Clear Tape ~ This tape can be used for boxes, but it isn’t as durable as other tapes out there.  Amazing Spaces recommends using this tape for other items, such as mailing or very light packages. This tape needs a tape gun/dispenser, so be sure to pick one of those up with your tape purchase.

Tearable Transparent Tape ~  This tape can be used in nearly every moving situation. Both the clear and the brown tapes are similarly strong and durable. This tape is tearable, so you will not need a tape gun or dispenser when using it!

Paper Tape ~ This is our Director of Operation’s favorite moving supply product.  This tape lasts a long time, is easy to tear, and is one of the strongest out there.  It’s an absolute MUST if you’re moving

Category Tape ~ This is our Director of Marketing’s favorite moving supply product. Not only can you organize your boxes by both color and room type, but you can use the tape to easily keep track of your items for easier unpacking.  You’ll realize what a gem this tape is after you use it once!

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