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If you’re anything like us, the second you walk into your bedroom at the end of the day, you add a mental note that it needs a bit of tidying up and re-organizing. And then the next day you wake up, rush out the door, complete as many tasks as possible and your mental note for reorganizing your bedroom gets lost. It’s particularly challenging to know where to start.

How exactly do you organize a bedroom? How can you make this space amazing? Reorganizing your bedroom environment is one of the best ways to improve mental health and de-stress.

To cut clutter in a bedroom and organize the room properly, it’s important to make functionality a priority. This is essential for when you have a small room or few storage spaces in your bedroom. It may be intimidating to design a functional bedroom, especially if it’s small, but here are some essential tips for revamping your bedroom space!

Declutter – It REALLY Does Help

We know, we know! You’ve heard this a million times, but it’s one of the truest paths to home organization! As much as we wish it existed, there’s no magic hanging organizer out there that can fix a room completely filled with clutter.

Thus, before re-organizing any larger furniture or planning for functionality, its best to start with a clean slate. Tidying up any dirty laundry, trash, or un-used items laying around will help clear floor space in order to plan the layout of the room.

While cleaning out any unnecessary items from your room, take a moment to determine whether it’s best to keep them or donate to charity. As Marie Kondo would say – if it doesn’t bring you joy, then consider getting rid of it. While it’s tempting, it’s important to NOT skip this step! Completing this task will make your entire project significantly easier and more achievable.

Furniture Organization Ideas

Once the area has been tidied up, take a look at what furniture is most vital to the room and determine what may be taking up too much space. Especially with smaller sized bedrooms, fewer pieces of furniture will make the room feel a lot more spacious and inviting. Did you know that rearranging your furniture can stimulate your brain in new ways?

Even the simple act of turning your bed 180 degrees can provide a different perception of the space and make the room feel brand new. To limit the amount of physical labor needed to move the furniture, measure the biggest pieces of furniture and sketch out potential re-organization options.

There are also apps such as Home Design 3D that are able to do this function virtually if sketching is challenging.

Strategize in the Space You Have

The only way to provide a proper bedroom space is by planning around what the room will be used for. Re-organizing a messy and chaotic bedroom to fit the functionality of the space will help relieve stress in the long run (this is especially true for small spaces). Since the bed is the most important part of the room, move it against the largest wall with a free space on the opposite side of the door.

It’s important to move the bed away from any windows or doors. However, if the main function of the room will be for other purposes such as watching TV or displaying your wardrobe, the bed should be adjusted accordingly.

After the bed placement has been decided, rearrange any other furniture away from the bed to make enough space. A bedside drawer may be useful next to the bed, but any other furniture will cause the room to feel too cluttered and small. If there are windows, it may be smart to move a standing mirror next to them for optimal lighting before heading out the door.

A designated workspace should be completely separate from the bed, so if there are smaller light fixtures available, place the cooler/brighter lights near the workspace and the warmer lights near the bed. Use storage boxes to your advantage and make the most of available closet organization items (we love using bins from Home Goods or the Container Store). If you’re really ambitious, you can incorporate organization tools inside your dresser drawers (leave no stone unturned).

Don’t Forget about Vertical Space

While organizing your room, it’s important to take advantage of all areas of the room, including wall space. Floating shelves can be the ultimate solution for the small items and knick-knacks that are hard to how to store. If you’re anything like us, you have the paperweight from that trip to Paris hidden somewhere in the same area as your coin collection. It’s time to dust off those items and put those memories on display! The same goes for any digital pictures you have yet to print; pick your favorites and install them in a frame that makes you happy. These small changes will take your room from functional to cozy.

Start Big – Don’t Be Intimidated!

The actual moving/re-arranging process can be laborious, so it’s ideal to get the hardest part over with first. Move the biggest furniture, such as the bed or dressers, to the desired location first to start the new layout structure. If there are rugs that need to be underneath large furniture, place those down before moving the furniture.

Area rugs are typically underneath the lower two-thirds of the bed so that there is a soft place to step on after getting out of bed. Then arrange the smaller pieces to fit the style and dimensions of the room. Having trouble moving furniture? We recommend furniture sliders for easy transport on both hardwoods or carpet!


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