How To Organize Your Winter Clothing For Storage As It Gets Warm


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With the warm weather here and hopefully here to stay for a while, it is finally time to put away those winter clothes and other items used for the cold weather. Some people find this daunting, especially people who’ve never done it before, but it doesn’t have to be. Here is what to do:

First, have supplies at hand. These include clear boxes with snap shut lids, clear, shallow boxes with casters that fit under the bed, clothes hangers that are padded, plastic or made of wood and storage or blanket bags.

Second, take everything out of the closet, and toss it on the floor. Sort the clothing into piles. This is not just the best time to put away winter clothes but also to declutter your entire closet. Make three piles. The first one is a donation pile, the second one is a keeper pile, and the last one is the pile of clothes that need to be put away until next winter. The donation pile is for clothing that has been in the closet for years without having been worn at all.

Before storing clothing for summer you might need to wash or dry-clean them. After the clothes have been laundered, fold them neatly, and put them in storage boxes or enclose them in storage bags that guard against moisture and dust. If these aren’t available, it is acceptable to wrap them in old, clean white linen sheets. One trick is to put the winter clothes in otherwise empty suitcases. Blankets and comforters can be folded into the storage boxes that slide under the bed. Make sure that everything is labeled. A warning about plastic boxes is that clothes shouldn’t be stored in them for years at a time because the clothes will not have any ventilation. But they are excellent storing tools if you only need them until it gets cold again.

clothing storageThough it’s tempting, don’t store winter clothes in the attic. The heat up there can be intense enough to damage fabric, and if the clothing isn’t clean, it will bring out any hidden stains and set them. If mothballs are to be used, place them in containers. They should never be placed right on the clothing. When the time comes to take the clothes out of storage and wear them again, wash them or air them out before wearing, for mothballs are just a little less toxic to humans than they are to moths. For a less toxic way to repel moths, use cedar balls or cedar shavings. Again, these should be in a container and should not be placed directly on the clothes.

Another place to put out of season items is the top shelf of a closet that does not see action for much of the year. Some people even install a hanging rod up there.

Finally, if the garage doesn’t have room for all of those boxes and bags, don’t hesitate to call us at Amazing Spaces for summer storage.

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