Java, Java, Java! How Coffee Makes Moving (and everything else) Better

Coffee Talk

We all love coffee, but did you know that it really does have some special powers?


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, please make sure to choose wisely on integrating coffee into your diet. Talk to the professionals and don’t always trust Dr. Google.  Also, please note that all these facts are based on black coffee – adding sugar and cream removes many of the positive benefits of coffee.


Fact One:  Your liver actually likes coffee! Coffee has protective effects on your liver.  A recent study found that drinking coffee may help prevent alcohol-related cirrhosis and other studies have indicated it lowers the risk of liver cancer.

Fact Two: Coffee can help you make smarter decisions (at least in the short run). Studies have suggested that caffeine can help boost your memory and stimulate your brain to work at a faster pace. Amazing!


Fact Three: It helps keep your metabolism in check during all those days eating out.  Again, this is a short-term side effect, but studies have shown that consuming coffee stimulates one’s metabolic rate!


Fact Four: Coffee gives you antioxidants, more than many fruits and veggies, even!  Check out this “Buzz on Coffee” article from WebMD outlining these benefits (and even some words of caution for us coffee-addicts).


Fact Five:  It lowers your risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and several types of cancer.  I really like this article outlining the 11 diseases coffee prevents. Talk about the golden juice!


Fact Six: Believe it or not, coffee actually has calming effects. This is a HUGE perk of coffee, especially for the days when you’re going through a hectic move.


Fact Seven:  It actually gives you more fiber!


Fact Eight: It’s better for your teeth than black tea (as long as you drink it black).  This is something my dentist told me. Of course I was mortified that my brief switch from black coffee to black tea actually stained my teeth even more. Pro tip – drink both of these beverages through a straw.


Fact Nine: It helps improve muscle pain that can happen after moving and lifting boxes.  That’s right – move your house, grab a cuppa joe!


Fact Ten:  It makes you a happier person! Coffee has shown to improve moods and even lower the risk of depression.  And don’t we all need a boost after a long day of moving?

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