5 Steps To Take When Downsizing A Home


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Steps To Take When Downsizing A Home

When you’re ready to downsize from a large home, there are several steps that you must go through. It’s important to begin the downsizing process as early as possible, but you don’t have to do it alone because there are professional packers and movers available.

Step 1: Begin the Process Of Getting Rid Of Possessions

Getting rid of your possessions is an emotional process, but you shouldn’t wait until moving day to complete this step. While you may want to keep your grandmother’s antique clock, there are some things that you should get rid of before moving. Remember that the huge couch that you’re using in your current home may not look appropriate in a small condominium’s living room, and you may not want to waste your money moving any items that are degraded. You will also need to sort through smaller items such as decorative knickknacks and clothing.

downsizing a homeStep 2: Remove Everything From Your Home’s Storage Areas

If your current home has numerous storage areas, then you might not realize how much stuff you own. You should remove everything from your home’s basement, garage, and attic along with cabinets or closets to understand how much you have. You can give items away to your friends, but there are also charitable organizations that accept donations. If you want to earn some extra cash, then you can have a yard sale to get rid of many of your unneeded items.

Step 3: Measure Your Appliances, Electronics and Furniture

It’s important to measure your furniture, electronics, and appliances to determine if the items will fit into your new condominium or apartment. If your current refrigerator is too wide for your new kitchen, then don’t waste your time trying to move it. When your new bedroom is half the size of your old bedroom, you won’t have enough space for a king-size bed. Replacing oversized items before you move is the best way to have a moving process that isn’t stressful and that will also save money.

Step 4: Hire Professional Movers or Rent Moving Trucks

When you’re ready to downsize, you can rent moving trucks or hire professional movers. If you want to move by using rental trucks, then you or a friend must understand how to drive a large vehicle. You can pack your possessions on your own for either type of moving process, or you can hire professional packers instead. When you’re moving on your own, you may need to make multiple trips to transport everything to a new location.

downsizing a homeStep 5: Rent a Storage Unit In Texas

If you don’t have enough space for all of your possessions, then contact Amazing Spaces Storage Spaces that has facilities in several locations, including:

Choose a storage facility that is near your home so that you can pick up or drop off items seven days a week at a safe location with surveillance cameras and alarm systems.

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